Jacopo Bacis, 8, the son of footballer and former Fiorentina player Michele, died last Saturday after falling from the third floor of his room. A tragedy that destroyed the baby’s family and on which the investigations of the Arezzo prosecutor focused.

However, there seems to be a culprit for what happened. Video games and, in particular, the popular Fortnite of Epic.

That’s right, you read that, depending on what has emerged and published by some Italian newspapers, Jacopo could be ” flew out the window because he was chasing aliens from Fortnite« .

Video games are therefore coming back to the fore as the cause of something tragic, in this case the death of little Jacopo.

As you can read on Huffingtonpost.it, the mobile team in charge of the investigations would have come to connect Fortnite and the disappearance of Jacopo: “this is Fortnite, perhaps the most popular game of the moment among children and young people. According to what has been learned, it is a game that simulates how, after a disaster, Earth risks being invaded by aliens and, therefore, stimulates players to fight in defense.“This is the description of Fortnite, but its Save the World mode and not the hugely popular mode or the battle royale, which has made the title” perhaps the most prevalent at the moment among children and youth “. And, of course, the battle royale doesn’t pit players against aliens, but competes against each other.

Police examined the tablet Jacopo was playing on, but no real link was found between his death and the game.

La Nazione (Arezzo) also talks about the boy’s disappearance, which highlights the addiction Fortnite has caused. We are talking about a heavy gambling addiction and “from an addiction to heavy forms of combat and rescue missions, with spectacular leaps from 007, but without the irony that never fails in the films of the world’s most famous secret agent« .

Finally, the sad story also finds its place on the pages of Corriere della Sera and suddenly the culprit becomes virtual reality. In this case, the article talks about a title whose name is unknown, a “highly addicting virtual reality style video game that has been very successful around the world“How is it possible to blame virtual reality for what happened when only a tablet was found on the scene?

According to the investigative hypothesis reported by the Corriere della Sera, playing Jacopo would not have noticed that he was too close to the window and would have lost his balance when falling. The tablet would then fall to the ground and investigators would find the game still in progress.

The investigation will continue and Jacopo’s funeral has been held in private.

It is a real tragedy, which could not have happened, but unfortunately Jacopo disappeared at only 8 years old. However, we would like to point out that the articles that have appeared on the net again tend to demonize video games (in this case Fortnite), while no one has currently established that there is a real connection between the boy’s death. and the use of video games.

Moreover, the brief descriptions of Fortnite and the mention of virtual reality among the possible perpetrators (when only a tablet was found), clearly indicate that there is still great ignorance in the world of video games and video games. Video games which, by the way, were a fundamental tool during the quarantine period for maintaining social bonds with relatives or friends.

What do you think?

Source: Huffingtonpost – The Nation – Corriere della Sera.

Source: Reddit