Fortnite announces support for RTX.

NVIDIA and Epic Games have announced that Fortnite —The battle royale that has become a mass phenomenon, with more than 350 million players — will incorporate real-time ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS AI-powered technology and other new features that will make the game look more spectacular and offer better gameplay.

Fortnite with RTX was unveiled yesterday during the special GeForce® event, where NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang first showed off the new GeForce RTX ™ 30 Series graphics cards.

Fortnite announces support for RTX

“Epic Games is turning Fortnite, which is already a cultural phenomenon, into a showcase that shows how competitive gaming can be improved by technology,” said Matt Wuebbling, vice president of Global GeForce Marketing at NVIDIA. “Fortnite players will be able to experience spectacular graphics thanks to next-generation raytracing, accelerated frames per second using AI through NVIDIA DLSS, and our new low-latency technology for esports, NVIDIA Reflex.”

NVIDIA RTX ™ GPUs are the only ones to offer hardware support for ray tracing and artificial intelligence. Users will be able to take advantage of the new features in all Fortnite modes, as well as in a new Creative map mode, called RTX Treasure Run, which has been designed with the aim of showing the benefits of ray tracing.

Fortnite announces support for RTX

“The GeForce RTX 30 Series is a demonstration of the dedication NVIDIA has put into ray tracing and artificial intelligence,” said Marcus Wassmer, Director of Graphics Engineering at Epic Games. “The second generation of ray tracing, the innovative use of AI with DLSS and the significant performance increase make the GeForce RTX 30 Series truly impressive graphics cards.”

Ray tracing comes to Fortnite

Fortnite will include four features developed with ray tracing:

Fortnite announces support for RTX
  • Ray tracing reflections. Recreate the way light reflects off shiny and metallic surfaces, including soft, natural reflections like glass windows and harder surfaces like brushed metal.
  • Ray traced shadows. Cast shadows on multiple surfaces with high fidelity while enhancing surface and contact detail. In addition, it solves problems associated with traditional techniques for creating shadows.
  • Global illumination by ray tracing. It calculates the lighting of the world with great precision, illuminating the environments of Fortnite and its characters with an unprecedented level of detail, fidelity and clarity.
  • Ray tracing ambient occlusion. Wherever objects or surfaces meet, light is occluded, creating subtle shadows that can bring out the smallest detail on the surface.

Using AI to improve performance and image quality in Fortnite

NVIDIA DLSS, which uses AI by harnessing the power of RTX Tensor Cores. It is a deep learning neural network that improves the rate of frames per second while generating sharp and detailed images. This technology offers gamers the performance differential needed to maximize graphics settings and increase output resolution.

NVIDIA Reflex comes to Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the first games to support NVIDIA Reflex, which measures and reduces system latency. Reflex enables players to improve their response times, increase aiming accuracy, and fine-tune the system for battle.
“NVIDIA Reflex technology arms developers with new features that will minimize latency in their games. We are seeing excellent response times and level of player control running Fortnite on the GeForce RTX 30 Series. ” Said Nick Penwarden, Vice President of Engineering at Epic Games.

Fortnite announces support for RTX

System latency represents the time that passes from when the user performs an action until it is translated into the desired effect on the screen. In games like Fortnite, NVIDIA Reflex’s low latency mode reduces system latency by up to 42 percent in GPU-linked scenarios.

Fortnite’s new map is called Treasure Run Map and shows the potential of ray tracing

NVIDIA and Epic have collaborated with top Fortnite creators to develop the new RTX Treasure Run map. Which highlights the new technologies included in the game. Players will appear at the entrance of a museum where they will play a treasure hunt. In different environments they will show the various effects generated by ray tracing.

Throughout the adventure, users will be able to explore a house of mirrors, a medieval castle, and the jungle. In addition to climbing a huge statue and investigating a scientific laboratory to discover the largest number of treasures in the shortest time possible. RTX Treasure Run is coming to Fortnite soon.

Fortnite announces support for RTX

It won’t take long for the new features to be activated in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 for PC.