Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 now has a firm release date.

Chapter 2 was undoubtedly the biggest release in Fortnite history – involving hundreds of tunings and changes, an entirely new map, and a spectacular ending with a black hole – expectations for what comes next are high.

However, Epic Games said that between now and the new Season there will be additional challenges for extra time, and a new two-week event to keep us busy.

In addition to explaining the release date for Chapter 2 Season 2 and the estimated start time, here’s everything we know about what might be included in the next Fortnite Season.

What is the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release date and estimated start time?

In Capter 1, the average duration of a Fortnite Season was about 10 weeks. Chapter 2’s debut was, however, much longer, lasting about 4 months.

After announcing an extension before Christmas, producer Epic Games confirmed that the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release date is Thursday, February 20th.

Although Epic Games did not specifically say the start time for the new Season, it typically starts a few hours after the previous Season ends at the following times:

  • Lisbon: 09:00 (GMT)
  • Europe: 10 am (CEST)
  • East Coast USA: 4:00 am (EDT)
  • West Coast: 1:00 am (PDT)

That said, the most recent end of the black hole took place during the late afternoon in Portugal – at 7 pm to be more precise – but since that happened on a Sunday and several days of downtime followed, we assume it was a case single.

As always, all previous challenges will disappear as soon as the new Season starts, so make sure you unlock all rewards before the date shown above.

What can we expect from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2?

As part of the announcement of the Season 2 Chapter 2 release date, Epic has enticed us with what is to come as part of a written message – hinting that there will be something “with multiple” other things.

Here’s what was said:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – release date and what we know about the new Fortnite seasonWhat we know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 so far. Can anyone guess?

Other than that, what we know about the new Season – like its theme – is unknown.

Usually, Fortnite translates to launch changes to the map over the course of a season, followed by several live events that are sometimes clues to what comes next. But with the new map and a small set of changes in recent weeks, the clues are few and far between.

This does not mean that nothing happened in Season 1, with the community putting together a story that runs through the loading screens and skins for the end of the season.

The following Top5Gaming video recapitulates this in good detail, with EGO – which landed on the map following the end of Chapter 1 Season X and which built all those EGO Outposts – battling an evil organization called Alter.

To summarize the story – Alter is creating an army of Sludges, alternative versions of EGO characters, and may be looking for Chapter Zero Point (or even Kevin the Cube!) To help defeat EGO. All of this can culminate in a bunker on the mountain where Alter is based:

However, with this story having low relevance, it is possible that it is not the focus of the next season or a live event for the end of the season – assuming that Epic is planning one.

It’s also worth remembering that the story of Fortnite Chapter 1 didn’t really start until the end of Season 3 (with the arrival of the comet), so it’s possible that Epic wants to let things frame before introducing larger narrative elements that shape the map or influence the theme.

One of the biggest recent updates to Fortnite Chapter 1 was the implementation of the Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine, which occurred on February 5th.

A week later, fans started discovering more teasers for the next Chapter 2 Season 2.

The first teaser was obvious – Fortnite’s Twitter page changed its header to an image of the Black Ball (8 Ball) and White Ball (Scratch) skins, which included an impression of a golden hand. It is a clue to the possibility that Bola Preta and Bola Branca may have important parts in the next story, but it also makes us think about what this golden hand represents.

The mystery of the golden hand was deepened when its posters, accompanied by a mobile phone number, began to appear in various locations around the world, including Brazil and São Francisco.

Dusty1739 of the reddit claims that he called this number and heard, “Approved (intelligible) agency recruitment. Good hunt, agents! The oil rig operation is approved!” This was followed by a series of animal noises that seemed to come from a cat.

We can’t say for sure what all this means for now, but maybe we’ll get a better idea when Chapter 2 Season 2 launches on Thursday!

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