Almost all cinemas have been closed due to the pandemic since COVID-19[female[female[female[female[femelle[féminin[female[feminine which continues to claim victims, so people in the film world are trying in other ways to promote their films. Among these are Christopher nolan, who had the brilliant idea to preview the trailer for Tenet, his new film, in Fortnite.

But apparently Hollywood is turning to Epic Games’ Battle Royale. Epic Games Global Creative Director Donald Mustard tweeted that inspiration from Nolan to create Fortnite’s premiere was needed – but even when theaters are back up and running, there’s reason to believe video games will become an increasingly essential part of film marketing. According to developer Epic Games, Fortnite has more than 350 million registered players who regularly broadcast their gameplay to an audience that often has hundreds of thousands of viewers. This represents a unique opportunity for those who direct films and television series.

Fortnite drops Early Access after three years, less new content for Save the World

« Video games are such a huge industry, and they grab the attention of people, especially young adults that academics want to use.“Said video game industry analyst Rod Breslau. “The reason video games are so popular is that they are cutting edge, while the movie industry has an older take on things. Much of the online culture is about online video games, so a movie distributor that posts a trailer in Fortnite helps achieve success because it’s a new and different way of projecting previews and extending the cycle. . The advertisement« .

Fortnite has hosted virtual concerts by artists such as Travis Scott and DJ Marshmello, and there is some evidence to suggest that such collaborations have financial benefits. Forbes reported that the songs DJ Marshmello played at his Fortnite concert last year saw a big increase in sales in the week following the performance. The apparent success of Fortnite’s collaborations will encourage more businesses and entertainment gamers to consider video games to promote their content in the future.

Source: IndieWire

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