Find different Locations of clay pigeons is one of the challenges of Fortnite Week 3.

If you are the Fortnite clay pigeons you will get extra XP which you use to earn Season 5 rewards. Of course you need to have a Battle Pass here to be able to complete this challenge.

New to Fortnite and still looking for your first Victory Royale? Then quickly check out our many Fortnite tips.

How clay pigeons work in Fortnite

For Fortnite Week 3 challenges, you will receive the following mission:

  • Shoot a clay pigeon in different locations (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)

(Another challenge this week is finding the location of the Flush Factory treasure map.)

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This challenge means that there are different machines with clay pigeons or clay pigeons hidden on the backrest. If you find one, you need to activate the first one:

This will shoot a Clay Pigeon or other flying object. The intention is of course to shoot this improvised clay thief with a weapon. Doing this will cross a Clay Pigeon off your list.


However, it seems easier than in practice. The Clay Pigeon moves fairly quickly and if you miss the machine will reset. We recommend using an automatic weapon, like an SMG or assault rifle, and pumping bullets into the air.

And what does the sign nearby mean? This will keep track of your score: your best score on the left and your current score on the right.

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As with other challenges like basketball courts and lightning bolts, these Clay Pigeons are likely to attract unwanted attention from other players. So try to complete this challenge when you are alone and the chances of being attacked are slim.

If that really doesn’t work, you can always try LTM 50v50 mode. This mode splits the map nicely in half, giving you a safe zone with friendly players around you while quietly taking down the Clay Pigeons.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has started. This of course means a new Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass and new challenges such as finding the safe and key card for Catty Corner and the Gnomes in Homely Hills in week 1. For a look at everything we know , you can also visit our article about Fortnite Season 3 preview with all challenges.

Emplacements de Fortnite Clay Pigeon

You have to shoot a total of five Clay Pigeons, but the good news is that there are a lot of Clay Pigeon machines dotted around the map.

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Here are six places where you can shoot clay pigeons:

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Locations Map

Lonely Lodge, to the north by the cliffs at the end of the trees:


West of Tomato Town, just north of the bridge over the river that crosses the top of the map:


Booty lake, in the northeast corner:


West of Pleasant Park, at the foot of the mountains:


Between the flush plant and the Shifty trees, next to the abandoned building near the cliff:


South of Paradise Palms, near the caravan park on the edge of the map:


Have you already finished? There are plenty of other Fortnite challenges to complete this week, including the Flush Factory treasure map. Good luck!

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Source : IGN