Fortnite it is one of the most famous battle royale games and due to the great popularity of many kids. The latest is a Brazilian child who was banned for 4 years by Epic Games.

What happened? A significant part of the Fortnite community includes young fans who have not yet entered the teenage phase. As a result, Epic has rules in place that prevent children under 13 from participating in competitive tournaments or game modes that include a prize pool. Additionally, players who have not reached the Epic age limit also need parental consent to participate in certain competitive games that do not involve cash prizes. This brings us to the current situation.

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Zenon, a 9-year-old Brazilian player, Fortnite, was banned from the battle royale for 1,460 days. This means that he cannot return to the game for a total of 4 years before he turns 13. It’s safe to say that Brazil isn’t an extraordinary region for the competitive Fortnite scene, but this boy has already made a name for himself playing Fortnite; Zenon has over 130,000 Twitch subscribers.

The child was banned due to some games in Arena mode, a competitive mode that does not include cash prizes, however. The nine-year-old boy, accompanied by his viewers and his father next to him, has been banned from broadcasting. It made the baby cry desperately. While it appears Zenon had his father’s permission to play, once Epic identified a Terms of Service violation, he took action. Zenon cannot participate in a Fortnite tournament or play in Arena mode until he is 13 years old.

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After Zenon’s dramatic ban, #FreeZenon has become a trend on Twitter. It was started by his supporters and Fortnite fans who were sad to see the aspirant’s dreams squashed. Over 100,000 people tweeted using the hashtag, including some prominent names in the gaming community. Ninja and Zayt have also teamed up to share their views on the issue: “Unless arenas start offering money, there is no reason for #FreeZenon to be banned for up to 13 years. . That said, the age requirement to participate in Fortnite is 13 and he is 9 years old. He shouldn’t be 100% banned from any other aspect of Fortnite, ”Ninja said.

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