Visit all Shipping outposts is one of the many week 7 challenges you face

Completing the challenge will give you additional XP, which you can use to unlock Season 7 rewards. You must have a Battle Pass for this. Otherwise, you cannot participate in the challenges.

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Expedition Outpost Locations

You must visit seven outpost outposts. To our knowledge, there are exactly seven on the island. They are spread fairly evenly across the island, but luckily they are fairly easy to find. After all, they are big red buildings!

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These are the seven Expedition Outpost locations that we found.

To be more specific, the locations of the Expedition Outpost are:

West of Paradise Palms. At the edge of the desert and the grass in the H8 quadrant:


Au sud de Shifty Shafts. On a mountain slope in the snowy area at the border between quadrants D8 and D9:


West of Lonely Lodge. On top of a hill in a grassy field to the north in quadrant I5:


Northwest of the Tomato Temple. Across the river in the open grassy area lower right in quadrant F3:


West and just south of Dusty Divot. There is a mountain to be found. Upper left corner of quadrant F6:

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Northwest of Snobby Shores. In the valley between the two great mountains to the north. At the border between quadrants B5 and C5:


Northeast of Pleasant Park. On another mountain slope. At the top of quadrant D3:


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has started. This of course means a new Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass and new challenges such as finding the safe keycard for Catty Corner and the Gnomes in Homely Hills in week 1. For a look at everything we know you can also Check out our article on Fortnite Season 3 preview with all the challenges.

How does the Shipping Outpost site visit work?

One of the challenges of Fortnite Week 7 is:

Warriors Orochi 4: Trainer +22

  • Visit all Expedition Outposts (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)

There are several expedition outposts on the island. They are easy to recognize because they are tall red buildings and they are also subtly marked on the map.


If you find one, you have nothing to do with it. When you are within a few yards of an outpost, the large red building is added to your total.

Do this a total of seven times to complete the challenge. As with other challenges, you must do this during a match. If you quit the game early, your progress in this challenge will not count. So finish the game. Fortunately, you don’t have to find all of the outpost locations in one match, but you can match multiple times.

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Source: IGN