the Fortnite Flush Factory Treasure Map finding is one of the many challenges in Season 5 of Week 3 that you must complete.

Completing the challenge will give you extra XP to unlock Season 5 rewards. You must have a Battle Pass. Otherwise, you cannot participate in the challenges.

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How does the Flush Factory treasure map work?

One of the Fortnite Week 3 challenges is as follows:

  • Follow the treasure map in Flush Factory (1 total, 10 Battle Stars)

(Another challenge this week is shooting clay pigeons at Clay Pigeon locations.)

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A treasure map is hidden in Flush Factory. This map will take you to a secret location where you can collect the reward for this challenge. Only players with a Battle Pass can see this map, so make sure you have a Battle Pass.

You can search for this treasure map first, or you can go directly to the location of the treasure. We recommend that you simply go to the treasure.

Just like with the other challenges, you must do this during a match. You cannot enter the map without facing other players.

Flush Factory treasure map location

Flush Factory is located south of the island then west of the center. But you don’t have to go here.

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The place you really need to go is not far. The treasure is located northeast on top of a mountain with a house on it. To be more precise, top left in quadrant F8.

Of course, you have the option to build from scratch, but it makes more sense to get off the Battle Bus. Jump off the Battle Bus and slide down the mountain. Then land on the plateau in front of the house.


The treasure is to the right of the path when you follow the path to the house. The treasure appears when you are around. Just press the appropriate button to pick up the treasure and complete the challenge.

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It may happen that the mountain becomes a bit more popular in the next few days and therefore you meet more players. Either way, make sure you grab the treasure as soon as possible and leave.

If you leave the match early, your progress in this challenge will not count. So finish the game.

Source : IGN