Epic Games, being one of the largest video game development companies, has sought to resist Google by offering its popular game “Fortnite” without going through the Play Store and therefore without having to give Google a 30% commission. . 18 months after this decision, they changed their minds, finally ‘Fortnite’ for Android can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.

The game officially appeared for the first time exclusively on select Samsung phones. Later in October 2018, they announced that it would be available for all Android phones (which meet certain minimum specifications). Of course, its installation was unlike any other app, but you had to download the APK from the official website and install it manually. A slightly more laborious process than in exchange allowed Epic Games to avoid Google commission.

The rules for Google Play Store and other popular mobile stores such as Apple’s App Store are that (in general terms) the store takes a 30% commission on all purchases made through the app if it has been downloaded from the store. In this way, the company obtains a benefit in exchange for visibility on the platform and a simple option for the user to have the developer application.

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“Google disadvantages downloadable software outside of Google Play”

After a year and a half of using this alternative path to reach Android users, Epic Games has decided to offer “Fortnite” directly on the Google Play Store. The reason? As stated in statements collected by Polygon, due to the difficulties that Google places on third-party software that does not arrive through the Play Store. They indicate:

“Google disadvantages downloadable software outside of Google Play with technical and commercial measures such as scary and repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, offers and restrictive deals with manufacturers and operators. . ”

What Epic Games refers to with these statements is the difference Android security measures when downloading or updating executables that are not from Google Play. Since it is easier for malware to reach the phone from the outside when it is not controlled than from the Google Play Store, the metrics are more important. It’s not impossible to install apps and games from the outside, but it’s not as easy as Google Play. And even less for users with little technical knowledge.

Anyway, it is now possible to download “Fortnite” from the Google Play Store like any other application or game. Epic Games explains that will also continue to update and maintain the external version which could be obtained so far from the official website.

Source: Engadget