To unlock The styles of the skin The Prisoner of Fortnite is an optional objective available when you complete enough challenges.

Doing so unlocks the Prisoner as part of the secret Battle Stars from the Nevada challenges, and while the game doesn’t suggest it, there are three additional styles to unlock by completing the Phases of The Prisoner 2, 3 and 4.

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What are the phases of The Prisoner in Fortnite

You must first have unlocked the Prisoner skin in Fortnite. The Prisoner is the skin that you are given as a reward for completing 60 weekly challenges during Season 7. You can see your progress on the Nevada Secret Battle Stars screen.

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You will see the following reward screen when you have done so:

Although the game doesn’t tell you, there are three additional Prisoner styles to unlock. They are interacting with specific objects on the map that are released in waves (Prisoner phases) over several weeks, with three bonus styles available in total.

You only have until the end of Season 7 to unlock them, so be sure to grab them before Fortnite Season 8 begins.

Map with the styles of The Prisoner of Fortnite

At a glance, these are the Prisoner stage locations:

The Prisoner stage locations map

Remember that to achieve everything that we show you below, you must be equipped with the Prisoner skin and interact with the relevant objects, and it must be done in order.

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Additionally, Prisoner Phase 1 is unlocked automatically, and is the default skin.

Where is the style of The Prisoner 2

To unlock the second Prisoner style (remember, the first is the default skin), first equip the Prisoner skin and head to Polar Peak.

Concretely, you must get to the top floor. It’s easier if you land on the roof and go down the stairs until you come to an area with tables on the sides and a fire pit on the back wall.

If you are coming from below, keep going up the stairs until you find it.

Investigate the far desk and you will find a key. If you have the skin equipped, you can interact with it.

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Do so and the second Prisoner style will automatically unlock. It will be confirmed when you reach the end of the game.

Where is the style of The Prisoner 3

The third style of Prisoner is found in the desert area of ​​the map.

Specifically, go to the mountain just north of Oasis Ostentoso. At the top of the mountain there is a camp, at the lake from the edge of the cliff on the far side.

While you are equipped with the Prisoner skin, light the bonfire. Keep in mind that if someone does it before, you will have to try again in another game.

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When you do, the skin will transform into the third style, and it will be confirmed when you receive the notification at the end of the game.

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Where is the style of The Prisoner 4

The fourth style of the Prisoner skin is to the northeast of the map, on a cliff north of Alameda Howling.

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South of the cliff is a circle of torches on a stone floor.

If you play as the Prisoner with skin 2 and 3 already unlocked, the torches will light up when you stand in the center.

After that, style 4 of the skin will be unlocked.

And that’s it, all four Prisoner styles unlocked. Now for Season 8!

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