Find solar panel systems is one of the weekly Fortnite challenges.

The challenge asks you to visit a solar panel system in the snow, desert, and jungle.

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Where are the Fortnite solar panels at a glance

Spread across the map there are three solar panel systems in snow, jungle and desert, and your task to complete the challenge is to visit all three.

Here you can see them at a glance:

Fortnite Solar Panel Map

The location of Fortnite solar panels is the next:

  • East of the hot springs area, north of the jungle
  • East of Ostentatious Oasis
  • Southwest of Arctic Aerodrome

To complete the challenge you have to visit any of them in different games.

Where are the Fortnite desert solar panels

The desert solar panel system is west of Ostentatious Oasis, on a hill, just before you reach John Wick’s house.

Where are the Fortnite snow solar panels

The snow solar panel system is part of the Arctic Airfield in the southwestern corner of the map, just across the hangars.

Where are the Fortnite jungle solar panels

The jungle solar panel system is to the north, just east of the hot springs.

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