Many users have decided to spend time playing Fortnite and many of those are no longer able to stop playing it. As in all games of this type, there are different configuration options that can benefit us more or less when executing our next victim. If you want to know how the settings influence the game, do not miss this article.

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Play Fortnite with low graphics, a rain of FPS

First we start playing with everything on low, a technique widely used by professional players of games like CS:GO and with which they ensure that seeing the enemy is much easier. If you are willing to risk image quality to increase your kill counter here is the proof, will it be the same?

With this graphic configuration we have played with 120 FPS, the game was very fluid and the objects appeared more easily. Both when finding an object and when seeing an enemy, having such a low quality, moving objects can be seen perfectly -although we do not see exactly what shape it has. With these adjustments, not only speed is gained, details such as shadows are also lost, which can be very useful when we find ourselves in a confrontation inside a building.

High graphics that hurt FPS

If we configure it with everything on high, pressing the button of the game itself, we will see the substantial change that occurs in the definition of the characters and objects. Although it is true that now everything is much more realistic, now we do have shadows on the objects. It also makes it a bit more difficult to see enemies on the battlefield. One of the main advantages of this configuration is that being so realistic you can see the enemies behind the wooden walls.

With the graphics on high, our system stays at 50 FPS. A figure that may be a bit low for some users, but in practice it does not mean any impediment to the development of the game.

The best way to have the most appropriate configuration for our team, if on high it does not give us the best result, is to try different settings until the visual and FPS result meets your needs. In our case, after trying different settings, and prioritizing keeping them high, we have left all of them high and lowered the shadows to a minimum. When playing we get an average of 60 FPS.

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