Fortnite is Agent Bananita Oro’s skin that infuriates players because they need nearly 30 million experience points

Fortnite continues to be the undisputed champion of the Royal battle, with millions of people logging in daily to participate in games and grind levels to get more and more skins to show. The title of Epic Games Meanwhile, it also drew Hollywood curiosity after director Christopher Nolan decided to use it to preview the trailer for his new movie, Tenet.

However, although he has a very impressive audience, fans have found a particular reason to complain. The special skins available for this season are among the most coveted items on Fortnite, but apparently getting them is not a walk, especially for the latest skin, theAgent Bananita Oro. As the game developed, it gave its players the opportunity to get skins even without having to empty their credit card: these can indeed be obtained, through challenges, events and earning a quantity of experience points.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to win this Gold skin and to explain it with infographics is a Reddit user, zMuska, who shows the long grinding behind to get it. According to the player’s data, to be able to get your hands on the skin, you must be at level 350 and to reach this level, from 1, you need the beauty of almost 30 million experience points; in short, it is not a walk at all.

The image also shows how many hours it would take per day to earn the 30 million experience points: by completing all the challenges and all the games in the game every day since the start of the season, it takes just under 4 hours a day to spend in battle. Royal. Things change if you play “normally”, that is to say in Solo, Duo or Squad mode: the hours necessary for the skin to suddenly rise to 19. This type of activity is not new in these games free, but many fans feel insulted or disgusted with how Epic potentially exploits its players.

It’s pretty easy for most people not to have the skin, to play for fun and to go on living their life without having to stick to the game for a golden banana, but there is also the other side of the coin, namely the people who would do anything to get it, including staying as many hours in front of Battle Royale.

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