Fortnite leaves early access after three years, less new content to save the world

Either may not have been aware, but officially Fortnite was still in early access.

From today, however, it will be the end if the game loses its early access label. And not only with Save the World, but also with Battle Royale and the creative mode.

In the future, saving the world will remain a “premium experience”, as Epic puts it, it will not be offered for free. “New content won’t appear as often after this official release, but that doesn’t mean the end of Save the World,” he said. “All players who purchased a founding package will receive an upgrade to the next package level and voucher included … of course for free, as a gift from the original base! The owners of the Ultimate Edition will receive the new metal manager package from us. “

The next big new Epic feature describes “projects,” which are expected to increase replay value in the long run. These are new adventures that last a whole season and take place in a seasonal area with unique modifiers.

“Each corporate season is a system in which you can continue to progress and offers you new levels to level up,” write the developers. “If you take on challenges in a business, you gain seasonal XP, which in turn affects the difficulty level, weapons found and seasonal rewards. If you reach a high level of business during a season, you will unlock upgrade materials with which you can upgrade items. increase in your main collection – and beyond the current limit. “

More detailed information will follow.

As for the seasonal structure of Save the World, you go to an annual recurring process divided into seasons. You will then experience events like Frostnite and the Tombs in a seasonal rotation that runs separately from the Battle Royale.

“Among the vast selection of heroes, sketches and order series of Rette die Welt, others will be available each season,” says Epic. “We do not issue new orders and new heroes as often. We manage all of this through order rewards, event lamas or within the event store. Throughout the season, the Home base team will continue to fix bugs and keep the game in balance. “

Meanwhile, several new packages to save the world are expected to appear on Thursday. With their introduction, the current founding packages and their awards will no longer be available.

One of the new packages is the metal commissionaire package for 19.99 euros. It contains “a new hero, the sketch of the weapon for” Papa Bär “, the rear accessory” Warning Loop “and the challenges of metallic officer”, with the challenges that you can win 1000 V-Bucks, 500 x-ray tickets and a legendary Troll Treasure Lama.

The Fortnite Wespia package (4.99 euros) for the game recently became available on the PlayStation Store.

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