Fortnite’s Nevada challenges are a set of additional challenges to complete as part of the Season 7 Battle Pass.

The goal is to complete all the challenges for a specific week. But if you complete 60 challenges in the entire season you will also unlock an exclusive skin that has not been announced at the moment.

Not only that, but each phase of the Nevada challenge gives you Secret Battle Star locations and banners to find from each nevada loading screen that you unlock.

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What are Nevada’s secret Battle Stars and Fortnite loading screens

Each completed phase of the Nevada challenges (for which you need to complete all the challenges for a specific week) unlocks a new loading screen. If you look closely at those loading screens, you will see that it gives clues to the location of secret Battle Stars or banners on the map.

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Finding additional Battle Stars in the game will grant you an additional Tier for Season 7 Battle Pass progress, while the new Banners will grant you more customization options. Note that you need to have unlocked a specific loading screen before it appears on the map.

When you have completed a total of 60 weekly challenges, the mysterious Nevada skin and backpack accessory are yours.

How difficult is it to unlock Nevada? Completing 60 weekly challenges throughout a season isn’t very difficult, but it can be time consuming at times if you leave it until the last minute. You have until the end of the season to unlock it or it will disappear forever. Good luck!

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Nevada Battle Stars Map

Regardless of the order in which you complete the week-long challenges of Season 7, the order of the loading screens and their Battle Stars will be the same.

Nevada locations in Fortnite.

If you have unlocked more than one, you can collect them in any order you want.

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Nevada Battle Stars Location 1

Nevada Loading Screen 1:

Fortnite season 7 week1 loading screen

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It is at the top of the submarine location as you can see in the challenge of week 1. It is at the top of the Arctic Aerodrome mountain.

Nevada Battle Stars Location 2

Nevada Loading Screen 2:

Week 2 loading screen #Fortnite #FortniteBR # FortniteSeason7 #FortniteLeaks

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It is on the second floor of the main building of Arctic Aerodrome.

If you go to the blue door to the east and then turn left, you will enter a room with a lot of computers like the one seen on the loading screen. There will appear a banner.

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Nevada Battle Stars Location 3

Nevada Loading Screen 3:

Fortnite season 7 week 3 battle star

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Again, this is at Arctic Aerodrome. You have to go through the two hangars and head towards the one that is further east. On the left side there are some shelves. The Battle Star is on top of one of them.

Nevada Battle Stars Location 4

Nevada Loading Screen 4:

All the loading screen, Week 3-Week 6

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It is in Aldehuela Alegre. Land in the center of the named location (specifically to the right or east of the clock tower), then go north Now build to the right of the Big Shots sign and the banner will be on the wall.

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Nevada Battle Stars Location 5

Nevada Loading Screen 5:

All the loading screen, Week 3-Week 6

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In the southwest corner of the icy location there is a cave with an island on the opposite side. Enter the cave (either through the entrance or by falling down the hole) and you will find a Battle Star on the mattress in the log cabin.

Nevada Battle Stars Location 6

Nevada Loading Screen 6:

Week 6 Loading Screen

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Finally a location that is not in frozen wastelands. Do you remember the location of the caravan crown from the start of the season? Well, you have to go back. The banner is on the right.

Nevada Battle Stars Location 7 (leak)

Nevada Loading Screen 7:

Week 7 Loading Screen

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It is near the throne within the castle on Polar Peak. There are many doors in the castle, so look for one and enter the middle section, where you will see the Battle Star to the left of the throne.

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Nevada Battle Stars Location 8

Nevada Loading Screen 8:

Week 8 Loading Screen

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He’s at Arctic Aerodrome. Specifically south of an ice bridge, but the following video by HarryNinetyFour explains it in more detail:

Nevada Battle Stars Location 9

Nevada Loading Screen 9:

You have to go to the giant wooden sled of Tortuous Tunnels. You have it below:

Nevada Battle Stars Location 10 (leak)

The Nevada 10 Loading Screen offers another look at The Prisoner:

It is in the northern part of the desert area, specifically on the road to the west of the track. On the hill there is a big tree, you will find the secret banner at the base.

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