Apparently, Ninja would have refused a substantial offer from Facebook games. What is the future of one of the most famous players in the world? Almost a year ago, Microsoft signed contracts with Tyler «Ninja» Blevins and former Counter-Strike pro Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek to elevate the Mixer streaming platform. Microsoft was hoping that these acquisitions could increase the number of viewers, but unfortunately, their hopes did not come true. A few days ago, Microsoft decided to shut down Mixer from July 22.

After joining Mixer in late July 2019, Ninja was eager to embark on a new journey in his streaming career outside of Twitch. The partnership didn’t last long, as Mixer struggled to keep up with rival platforms Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Ninja had signed a three-year contract worth $ 30 million, but critics targeted the streamer at the time, saying his decision was about the money. In short, despite Mixer’s goal of increasing the number of viewers by taking the famous Ninja on his side, the platform has experienced a series of failures.

Microsoft has made the wise decision to join the Facebook streaming platform, dubbed Facebook Gaming. In the end, Mixer offered his loyal streamers the opportunity to join Facebook Gaming as a consolation for all their hard work in building their brand under the umbrella of Microsoft. Some of the notable perks included instant monetization, but apparently the most “expensive” gift went to Ninja. The former Twitch and Mixer star was offered a contract worth around $ 90 million, but apparently the streamer declined.

Ninja’s decision to reject Facebook’s monumental offer shows just how excellent its financial stability is: Ninja has more followers than any other channel to date with 14.7 million Twitch. Ninja Turner rival “Tfue” Tenney is behind him in second place with just over 8.5 million.

Many wonder what will be the next step for Ninja in his illustrious streaming career. Ninja, who is now 29, started on Twitch and has grown into one of the most famous players after years of hard work. So it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see Ninja make a triumphant return to Twitch. This decision would have both financial and sentimental significance. Twitch remains in partnership with Amazon Prime, which offers a free membership to any viewer with a Prime account.

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