Fortnite will arrive soon on next-gen consoles: the iconic game of the last generation will soon make the big leap towards new horizons, made of high resolution graphics, ray tracing and improved framerate.

Epic Games he wanted to remind us thanks to an intervention on PlayStation Blog, in which all the improvements are listed, reserved for those who will resume playing the popular battle royale on his PS5 brand new.

First, the first improvements will come from the controller DualSense: Thanks to the presence of adaptive triggers, players will have even more precise control over the game’s weapons.

Fortnite will support two types of adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons: trigger feedback and sustained feedback. Weapons that require single presses to fire, such as pistols, submachine guns, snipers, assault rifles, etc. will take advantage of trigger feedback. This means that the player will feel a real sense of resistance as they pull their respective triggers.

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Weapons that require you to hold the trigger button, such as the Boom Bow and Minigun, will use sustained feedback. Even if you hold the DualSense trigger all the way down, you will feel a particular feeling of resistance, reminiscent of trying to draw a full arc or keep a machine gun running.

Without the gameplay sensations, it’s time to look at the pure graphics: Fortnite on PS5 will not be a simple port, but a real version optimized for the console hardware.

The custom RDNA 2 GPU allowed to reach 4k and 60fps on all game modes, including split screen, while thanks to the Zen 2 CPU, you can enjoy new visual effects for the game elements, such as smoke, liquids and clouds that now appear more alive and vibrant than ever.

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Finally, the new SSD with impressive speed allowed Epic Games to reduce loading times and speed up the rendering of textures. In essence, Fortnite on PlayStation 5 will be a familiar and innovative experience at the same time.

Although the intervention has been published on the PlayStation Blog, we remind you that all these improvements (except for the features of the DualSense) will also be available on the very powerful Xbox Series X.

To conclude this overview in the “new” Fortnite, Epic Games has announced a small gift for all players: the Throwback Ax Pickaxe, the classic default pickaxe from Fortnite Chapter 1. The item is currently available in the Fortnite Item Shop and PlayStation Store, where it will be redeemable until January 15, 2021.

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What do you think? Recall that PlayStation 5 will arrive to us next November 19, so it is close to being able to test Fortnite next-gen.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Source : Reddit