The Fortnite Season 3 trailer has already shown that there will finally be real cars in Fortnite. Gamers have had to wait a long time and settle for shopping baskets, hoverboards or quads at best. So the anticipation was high, but after the tee shot, there was nothing on the vehicle map.

There was a very similar picture with the helicopters in season 2, but this time it’s easy to explain why there is no trace of the cars so far: the water level is just too high. . Where do you want to go when all the roads are underwater and there are only smaller islands? However, with patch 13.20 this has changed as the water level has dropped a bit with the update and it will continue to drop. Of course, that begs the question: when is the water level low enough that cars are in Fortnite on the map?

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The answer has now been revealed by an outgoing Epic employee who turned to Fortnite content creator @HappyPower. As a result, the cars are expected to come into play on Tuesday, July 21. This should probably happen with another update (13:30 or 13:40).

Unlike previous Fortnite vehicles, a few special mechanics will also come into play with the cars. For example, vehicles should be filled with fuel, have different speeds, have different size tanks, and have different health points (you can read more about cars on the Fortnite Season 3: What You Need to Know About cars

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Car Racing LTM « Chrome » – Le Mario Kart de Fortnite?

With the July 21 automatic update, the new “Chrome” LTM may also become available, which was recently disclosed. It is a time-limited game mode that is all about cars and racing. Among other things, a police car, a rally car, a sports car and a taxi should be used. It is not yet known if there are any other cars or exclusive cars in the Crome LTM. Data Miner @FortTory found some additional details in the Patch 13.20 game files.

As a result, you are teleported to the start line and must be the first to reach the finish after the countdown. There are many ways to win, and you can take out your opponents, which quickly gives you the image of a Mario Kart race in your head.

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