Update: After yesterday (Thursday, December 12, 2019) indications of an annual pass for Dataminers were found in the patch files for the 11.30 update, it is now somewhat surprising that Epic Games has canceled plans to release a annual Fortnite pass.
In a statement received by Eurogamer.net, the developers said there were no plans to release the annual pass.
The next surprise follows the scene, as Epic confirms the release of the Bao Bros skin, which many fans have been waiting for months in the Daily Store.
“We have seen discussions about an annual pass for 2020 after the 11.30 data mining process,” an Epic spokesperson said, adding, “Sometimes the functionality of the prototype of our release means they are not published. While the 2020 Annual Pass has been considered, we have no intention of releasing it … unlike the Bao Bros. “

Original message: Patch 11.30 has just been played on Fortnite servers and the Dataminer is already busy retrieving data packets. An interesting innovation that Lucas7yoshi has highlighted here shows that Epic is changing the previous sales models of the Seasonal Battle Pass and obviously expanding it with another offering – namely an annual pass.

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This is indicated by at least some files that relate to a “2020 Annual Pass” and grant access to all Battle Passes due to appear in 2020. These are not “normal” versions of the Battle Pass, but the most expensive “Battle Pass Packages”, in which 25% of the content is unlocked immediately.
Plus, the Annual Pass should give you access to other exclusive content as well. This includes all of the upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale exclusive cosmetics: Battle sets and 7 exclusive 2020 Annual Pass cosmetics such as the “Astra” skin, the “Shining Star” back accessory or the “Loons” back bling.
The annual pass will likely go on sale for Christmas in time – so it could be a good Christmas present for Fortnite fans. The price is not yet known.

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By the way, there will be a Fortnite announcement tonight at “The Game Awards”. This could be the official launch of the Annual Pass 2020

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