The New World Challenges of Fortnite give you a new set of goals in this week’s debut of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

As the name suggests, most of them introduce you to the new Fortnite map – from exploring their new fields to taking advantage of the new features it offers.

Completing these challenges gives you XP, helping you level up in the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 2.

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Fortnite – New World Challenge List

Week 1 of the ‘New World’ challenges was made available on October 15, 2019. Thanks to Lucas7yoshi on Twitter for confirming the complete list.)

Fortnite – New World Challenge List:

New World Challenge Total Reward
Discover named locations 10 14,000 XP
Eliminations on Lazy Lake or Misty Meadows 3 14,000 XP
Discover monuments 10 14,000 XP
Use a Motorboat in different starts 3 14,000 XP
Deals damage with Assault Rifles to opponents 500 14,000 XP
Search for chests in Sweaty Sands or Retail Row 7 14,000 XP
Eliminations in different matches 5 14,000 XP
Catch a gun using a Fishing Rod 1 14,000 XP
Deals damage with SMGs, Shotguns and Pistols in a single match 3 14,000 XP
Carries a player down for 10m 10 14,000 XP
Look for the ‘F’ hidden in the loading screen New World 1 14,000 XP

Complete eight of the New World Challenges and you will be rewarded with the New World loading screen:

As the last New World challenge says, you’ll have to find the “F” that is hidden somewhere inside it.

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