the Cars in Fortnite are without a doubt one of the most anticipated features of Season 3. According to Dataminer, the vehicles should indeed appear this week, but there was no sign of the cars on Tuesday or Thursday. Even the Week 6 challenge of refueling a car at Catty Corner has been thrown again. The question therefore arises: When can I drive a car in Fortnite? A new Twitter post now suggests it could take a few more weeks.

The Dataminer were relatively certain the cars would come into play on July 21, but there was nothing but long faces in Tuesday’s update. So the date fell on the weekly reset of Thursday, July 23, but here too there was no car in sight. Instead, Fortnite posted a “#No Sweat” tweet, which, in addition to unimportant phrases, began with the interesting words “Wait a few weeks before we’re ready to hit the road.” done – as far as “Expect it to take a few weeks before we’re ready to drive”.

This review was also posted on Discord, but in a bit more detail. At the end, he says, “We anticipate it will be a few weeks before we are ready to hit the raod. – As much as “We assume it will be a few weeks before we are ready for the road.” “

All this gives the impression that there are still some issues with the cars and the introduction has been delayed to fix them. Of course, that’s just a guess, as Epic is heavily covered with official car information. It could also be that Epic used Dataminer to spread false information about AutoPost. It would be conceivable. In any case, it’s clear that there is still no trace of the cars in the game, and Season 3 is slowly approaching the previously envisioned end. This begs the question:

Is Season 3 extended due to the automatic update?

If we literally take “a few weeks,” it takes at least 14 days before cars can hit the streets of Fortnite. Then Season 3 would be almost over by the end … way late to introduce basic mechanics as big as cars after they were announced in the trailer at the start of Season 3.

However, it would be very different if Season 3 didn’t last 10 weeks, but added a few more weeks. It wouldn’t be really surprising after 18-week Season 1 and 16-week Season 2.

There is of course nothing official regarding a Season 3 expansion. The only suspect is that at the start of Season 3, data miners discovered more weekly challenges in in-game data that lasted until minus an extra week. It’s not clear if these were really expansion tasks or just secret, bonus, or event challenges. Maybe it was just the challenge replacement tasks that the map changes eliminated.

Either way, we all have to wait a little longer until we can get over the maps in a chic speedster.

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