Freak out like a legend! WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME!.

There are days in life when everything just goes wrong. Days when life strikes mercilessly. Some people stay calm even then. Others fight back. In the angry, black humorous thriller comedy WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME (Theatrical release: January 8, 2015) is about the latter. The film serves its audience several freaks of all kinds, always seasoned with a good portion of black humor.

The film thus follows in the tradition of great screen freaks. Here are the top 5 most beautiful tantrums of tragic movie characters:

falling down

Freak out like a legend!  WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME!

Joel Schumacher’s “Falling Down” from 1993 shows anything but a normal day in the life of William Foster (Michael Douglas). Actually, he just wants to come to his daughter’s birthday party in time. But his way through the city is paved with the hurdles of everyday life. Then the brave Foster, known as “D-Fens”, finally bursts his collar: he threatens the branch manager of a fast-food restaurant with a submachine gun when he no longer wants to serve him breakfast. Dismantles a Korean’s grocery store with a baseball bat because he tells him in bad English that he won’t change his money and blows up a pointless construction site with a bazooka. Basically, “Falling Down” is a series of gloriously uncompromising freaks by a regular guy on a regular day.

Merry Christmas

Freak out like a legend!  WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME!

Especially at Christmas, nerves are often on edge. Everything should be perfect for the celebration of love. With so much ambition, stress is inevitable. For Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), however, things get particularly big in “Lovely Mess”: Not only do the hunchbacked relatives turn his sweet home completely upside down, the meticulously planned Christmas lights don’t work according to plan and the Christmas tree accidentally left by Uncle Lewis in is set on fire – Clark is also waiting in vain for his company’s Christmas salary bonus, which he actually urgently needs and has already planned for a pool in the garden. It’s no wonder that the caring family man gets really upset when he finds out that his tight-fisted boss has simply canceled the annual Christmas bonus.

The Big Lebowski

Freak out like a legend!  WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME!

Guys like Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) in “The Big Lebowski” should never be teased unnecessarily. They tend not only to verbal gaffes of all kinds, but also to uncontrolled acts of leapfrogging. Especially when you pee on your best friend’s leg. When the choleric Vietnam veteran wants to help his friend Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) out of trouble, he doesn’t hesitate and yells at the brand new car of an alleged gangster with a crowbar. Too bad that the real owner of the car has absolutely nothing to do with the matter and is also not blessed with a particularly calm temperament…


Freak out like a legend!  WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME!

A good maid of honor should offer loving and supportive support to the bride-to-be as she prepares for her wedding. She should plan, organize, comfort and unconditionally look forward to the most beautiful day of her life with the bride… But even the best maid of honor can sometimes jump out of her ___tail dress when she faces unpleasant competition. In “Bridesmaids,” the hapless Annie (Kristen Wiig) watches as another bridesmaid threatens to take the baton as maid of honor from her. Instead of smiling and swallowing her frustration at her unwelcome rival so as not to spoil the mood of her best friend Lillian, the bride-to-be, she explodes at her bridal shower and vents her pent-up anger on the party decorations and multi-tiered cake in front of the assembled group.

Wild Tales – Everyone goes nuts sometimes

In WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME it is not the maid of honor but the bride herself who loses her nerve. At the joint wedding dance, the newlywed finds out that her husband was having an affair with his attractive colleague. But instead of breaking down in tears, the betrayed bride quickly turns her own wedding into a bloody battlefield, where not only the champagne corks pop properly…

Freak out like a legend!  WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME!

But the angry bride isn’t the only character to lose his temper in the bittersweet thriller comedy. WILD TALES – EVERYBODY GOES AWESOME shows people who are driven to insanity by everyday encounters and incidents. people who just explode. That it is a lot of fun to watch them shows from that January 8, 2015 in the cinema. The trailer is already available to see!

More information about the film can be found on the official website, the associated Facebook page and on Youtube!