First Freenet Funk, then Fraenk and now Freenet Flex. Smartphone tariffs with management and ordering via app are becoming a trend. Freenet Flex is a tariff that can only be ordered via the app, but unlike Fraenk von Congstar has several different options on offer. It starts with 5 GB data volume for 10 euros per month, there are also 10 GB for 15 euros and 15 GB for only 18 euros.

Wifi calling and VoLTE not included yet

The basis of the tariff is an all-network flat rate in all German networks for telephony and SMS. However, telephoning can currently only be done in the classic way, because Wifi Calling and VoLTE are not included at the start. The tariff is offered by Klarmobil, the mobile network used is Vodafone. It is already possible to take your phone number with you and data in other EU countries is included.

Paypal only, access to LTE network

Freenet Flex only allows billing via PayPal, something you have in common with Fraenk. You can cancel every month up to 24 hours before the end of the contract month, but Freenet Flex is a postpaid tariff. As with the competition, multi-SIM and eSIM are initially not available, but LTE with 21.6 Mbit/s in the small and 50 Mbit/s in the larger tariffs.

Unlike the competition, there is a throttling after the included volume has been used up. Fraenk, on the other hand, cuts the Internet completely and offers additional packages that are subject to a fee. And so these comparable tariffs differ in the details, while the basis is otherwise quite similar.

freenet FLEX: Your mobile phone tariff Price: Free

via Allnetflatde