While Friday the 13th is associated with superstition and bad luck for many people, Nintendo has renamed this Friday #Nintendo3DSDay to make it a very happy day for European handheld gamers. This day is full of various hardware and software launches.

To date, more than 50 million systems of the Nintendo 3DS family have been sold worldwide. On Friday the thirteenth, two new systems will appear in this family, the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. Two major new software titles The Legend of Zelda will also be released on the same day: Majora’s Mask 3D and Capcom®’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Both titles are playable on all Nintendo 3DS family systems, but are particularly effective on New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, thanks to super-stable 3D graphics and improved C-stick camera control. To celebrate the release of these two highly anticipated titles, two limited edition hardware bundles, the New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora’s Mask 3D Edition* and New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition**, will also launch on Friday.

In addition, several games will appear exclusively on Nintendo eShop, such as IronFall: Invasion, an intense shooting game from three talented developers that can be played in single-player mode, online and via wireless communication with two to six players. Two other titles coming to Nintendo eShop on Friday are Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe. In addition, Nintendo 3DS owners can also download the free video-on-demand service Nintendo Anime Channel on Friday to enjoy cartoon series such as Kirby, Pokémon and Inazuma Eleven.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, European Marketing & PR, Nintendo of Europe, said: “We are thrilled to announce this extensive line-up of Nintendo 3DS hardware and software. We hope this offering is a testament to our commitment to providing handheld players with the best and most diverse gaming experiences.”

Full overview of Nintendo’s releases on #Nintendo3DSDay, Friday the 13th:

  • New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL: The newest systems in the Nintendo 3DS family offer new control options, face tracking 3D technology, built-in amiibo functionality and improved processing power. The New Nintendo 3DS is compact and light, with a screen 1.2 times the size of the original Nintendo 3DS and can be customized to your taste via interchangeable covers. The New Nintendo 3DS XL has a luxurious look and thanks to the 4.88-inch screen, it offers an even more dynamic and immersive gaming experience. A free update will also be available for Super Smash Bros. on February 10. for Nintendo 3DS, which allows the Super Smash Bros. Collection with these new systems.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D: The handheld remake of this beloved, dark and macabre Nintendo 64 game comes exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.  New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora’s Mask 3D Edition*: This limited edition hardware bundle includes a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and a New Nintendo 3DS XL system with artwork from the game.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Special Edition: This limited edition software version includes a copy of the game in its original packaging, a specially designed SteelBook™, a button and a double-sided poster.
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players hunt many terrifying enemies in a savage world. In addition, players can collaborate with up to three friends via wireless communication. For the first time, it is possible to compete online on a handheld via a wireless internet connection. Even before the game launches, players can explore the hunting grounds with the free demo on Nintendo eShop.
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition**: This limited edition hardware bundle includes a copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and a New Nintendo 3DS XL system featuring the game’s iconic logo.
  • IronFall: Invasion: IronFall: Invasion is a spectacular shooting game developed over three years by independent developer VD-DEV. In addition to the single player mode, six players can also compete against each other via wireless communication and online. The Cstick of the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL is perfectly suited for controlling this game.
  • Kirby Fighters Deluxe: This four player fighting game is based on the popular battle mode in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, but expanded with new gameplay, new arenas and the ability to work together as a team.
  • Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe: Bounce with Kirby’s nemesis to the beat of cheerful Kirby music. This rhythm action game is based on the minigame from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, but with brand new stages and obstacles.
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy +: Get behind the controls of real planes with legendary pilot Phoenix. The game is compatible with the C-stick and ZR/ZL buttons of the New Nintendo 3DS system for the best possible control. Some amiibo figures can unlock planes based on characters like Captain Falcon, Samus, Bowser and more.
  • Nintendo Anime Channel: This new video-on-demand service offers fans the chance to stream animated series from Pokémon, Kirby, and Inazuma Eleven, among others, with new content added regularly. To access this service, users can download a free application from Nintendo eShop.
  • New Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu Themes: Lucky fans who want to give their HOME Menu a new color! There will be new Color Sets that users will be able to download for free from the Theme Shop, which can be accessed from the HOME Menu of your Nintendo 3DS system. Fans who purchased The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ from Nintendo eShop*** will receive a free bonus theme, while additional themes are available for a fee.

When the sun goes down on Friday the 13th, at the end of #Nintendo3DSDay, the fun isn’t over yet. With even more major titles coming to Nintendo 3DS family systems over the coming weeks and months, including: Pokémon Shuffle (released in February), Cooking Mama: Bon Appé! (March 6), Gardening Mama: Forest Friends (March 6), Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (March 20), Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones: Wildfire and Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones: Thunderflash, (March 27) Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, (April 2) Code Name STEAM (May 15) and Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (May).