What the fuck Frog fractions? That’s a good question, but I’m afraid you will have to figure it out for yourself if you haven’t played it. Although for many, the real game of Frog Fractions is not the game itself, but find out where and how the next opus will be released.

A few days ago, the game that started it all first appeared on Steam under the title Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition. A 4K remaster that can be downloaded completely for free. However, it has a somewhat suspicious DLC worth 8.19 euros.

The above DLC is called Iconic Hop HatAnd at first glance, that’s just it, a hat for the Hop Frog at an exorbitant price. But knowing the kind of humor of Jim Crawford, creator of Frog Fractions, it was clear that there was something else there, and there is. This DLC is neither more nor less than Frog Fractions 3, the long-awaited new episode of the rarest video game saga in history.

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It was discovered by PC Gamer publisher Jonathan Bolding, who had the guts to purchase this seemingly harmless DLC after hearing some rumors. When you start the game with Hop’s hat on, Frog Fractions 3 commence.

I bought the Hop’s Iconic Hat DLC for $ 8 because I can’t help it, and it is indeed Frog Fractions 3. If you start without the hat, the game is the first Frog Fractions you get. remember. If you start to wear the hat, it’ll ask you to pick a save slot before jumping into what looks like Frog Fractions, but it’s really not. I won’t spoil it.

Frog fractions 4?

As we told you in its time, Frog Fractions 2 was born out of a Kickstarter campaign and an alternate reality game that motivated a lot of people to find the game, which had already been released but was hidden away. in a corner of the Internet. It was found that Frog Fractions 2 was hiding inside Glittermitten Grove, another Jim Crawford game released not long ago.

Now, Frog fractions 3 he repeated a similar movement. Although this is really Frog Fractions 3? Jonathan Bolding spoke to his creator and he told him that in fact, considers it Frog Fractions 4.

It’s a new sequel to Frog Fractions. In my head, Frog Fractions 2 was the AR game and Kickstarter to find Frog Fractions 2. Frog Fractions 3 was Glittermiten Grove. And Frog Fractions 4 is the hat’s DLC.

If you want to discover the whole saga of Frog fractions, now you can do it with a special promotion. he Universe Frog Fractions Cinematic (yes, it’s called that) is a pack that includes the free remaster of the first one, Glittering groveand the hat DLC. Basically the whole Frog Fractions trilogy if we don’t count the AR game. All of this is for sale on Steam now.

Source : Gadgetsnow