From Little Inventors to Racing Drivers with Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit.

It’s time to drive, dive and fly with Nintendo Labo, thanks to the new Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit, the latest addition to Nintendo Labo’s line of interactive DIY experiences, arriving today on Nintendo Switch. The new kit includes materials to build various Toy-Con, or cardboard creations, including the controls of an airplane, a submarine and a car, automotive shapes that then come to life on screen to become a racing driver at the same time. command of a car, an airplane and a submarine.

Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, introduces a new adventure mode to the Nintendo Labo series to play alone or with friends. This new mode lets you explore a huge and mysterious world with snow-capped mountains, a futuristic city, and even archaeological ruins. Navigating the world is as easy as getting behind the wheel of the Toy-Con Car, grabbing the pole of the Toy-Con Plane, or turning the controls on the Toy-Con Submarine. Switching from one vehicle to another while you play is very simple: remove the Toy-Con Key from the vehicle you are using and insert it into another to go from piloting an airplane to directing a submarine, for example, and continue exploring by land, sea or air .
Each of the three vehicles in Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit handles differently, with specific controls and special moves. Players can drop anchor with the submarine, fire missiles with the plane, and perform wheelies and deploy weapons while driving the car. All of these moves and many more can be used by participating in the many activities spread across the colorful and vast world of the game.

Some of the game experiences incorporated into the game include: “rally”, in which players pass through checkpoints while racing towards the finish; “Race”, a racing game in which players can throw punches at opponents; “Minicarreras”, a classic game that is only controlled with the Toy-Con Accelerator; and “combat”, where racers can participate in one-on-one automotive battles with other players.

From Little Inventors to Racing Drivers with Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit

As with the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, customization is again a big part of the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit experience. In “Body and Paint” mode, users can build a Toy-Con Spray to customize their vehicles and controllers in the game. By gently shaking the Toy-Con Spray, users will hear the “ball” inside as they mix the paint. At the Toy-Con Workshop, they can discover how Nintendo Labo works, as well as experiment with new ways to play and new items to create. A part of Taller Toy-Con is “Custom Vehicles”, a new feature that allows users to create their own controllers for the game using everyday items from their home.

For example, by using unexpected objects like a sponge and notebook, young inventors can create an additional Toy-Con Accelerator for a friend. The possibilities are only limited to the scope of the imagination!

From Little Inventors to Racing Drivers with Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit

As if that wasn’t enough, an update to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch will be available on September 19, which players can download to compete with the Toy-Con Car and Toy-Con Accelerator against their friends. You can take a look at the game in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit in the gamescom 2018 video. It is also possible to play with the Moto Toy-Con from the Variety Kit in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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From Little Inventors to Racing Drivers with Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit