From now on you can play Overwatch ‘on the go’ with Nintendo Switch.

The spectacle is on at 8pm CEST for Nintendo Switch gamers around the world as Overwatch Legendary Edition has arrived! After three years of content updates and gameplay improvements, Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed team shooter comes to Nintendo Switch with an ever-expanding cast of 31 heroes and a variety of casual and competitive game modes across 28 different locations around the world.

Nintendo Switch players joining the fight for the future will experience all the additions Overwatch has seen so far. These include the game’s 31st hero Sigma, an eccentric astrophysicist with the ability to control gravity; Havana, the newest location in Overwatch, and the site of the latest Escort card; and the Workshop, a powerful and easy-to-use game building tool with which players have already shared hundreds of thousands of brilliant and bizarre creations that can be played across platforms.

Nintendo Switch players can also use the console’s gyroscopic motion controls to experience Overwatch in a whole new way. By tilting their Joy-Con controllers, players can guide Junkrat’s RIP-Tyre to achieve maximum mayhem, soar through the air and rain justice on their enemies as Pharah, land a Graviton Surge with surgical precision as Zarya, and Lake.

From now on you can play Overwatch ‘on the go’ with Nintendo Switch

“The Legendary Edition reflects more than three years of continuous development on Overwatch, and we can’t think of a better way to introduce the game to Nintendo Switch players,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “Whether playing at home or on the go, we are excited to welcome our newest heroes to the ever-evolving Overwatch universe.”

Overwatch Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch is available now as a boxed version (with a code to download the game) and digital version via Nintendo eShop, both for a suggested retail price of €39.99. Both versions come with 15 bonus skins – including fan favorites such as Police Officer D.Va, Blackwatch Reyes Reaper and Valkyrie Mercy – as well as a three-month individual Nintendo Switch Online membership.

From now on you can play Overwatch ‘on the go’ with Nintendo Switch

Overwatch – Game Features

Overwatch Legendary Edition will be released on Nintendo Switch with all heroes, maps, modes and game updates currently available on other platforms, bringing Nintendo Switch players the full Overwatch experience:

From now on you can play Overwatch ‘on the go’ with Nintendo Switch
  • Play as 31 unique heroes – Choose from a varied and ever-growing roster of heroes from around the world. Zip behind enemy lines as a time-jumping Tracer; heal your squad from afar with elite sniper Ana’s Biotic Rifle; or manipulate gravity as brilliant astrophysicist Sigma, the newest hero to join the fight.
  • Fight all over the world with your friends – Capture checkpoints and complete objectives in 28 international locations – anywhere you have internet access, thanks to the legendary portability of the Nintendo Switch system.
  • Join forces in 6v6 game modes – Jump into Quick Play to compete against players with similar skills, Play Vs. AI in multiple difficulty levels, or test your skills in the ultimate test in Competitive Play to earn seasonal ranks and rewards.
  • Discover new ways to play – Explore the Arcade or the game browser to find matches with unique rulesets. Unleash your creativity in the Workshop and use powerful scripting tools to build rich custom games that can be shared and played on any platform.
  • … And more to come – Overwatch Legendary Edition on Nintendo Switch is constantly updated with new content, including the game’s seasonal game modes, gameplay updates and more.

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