In the early days where mobile phones began a new technological era and users discovered a new world and access to next-generation mobile games, an iconic title appeared. Fruit ninja he quickly won over his players by offering unique entertainment with touch screens.

Fruit Ninja launches its second installment for mobile devices.

Fruit Ninja appeared ago 10 years, becoming one of the classic mobile phone games. For Apple users, this game is one of the most nostalgic, as it was simply one of the first applications you installed when accessing an iPhone or iPod Touch from that time.

As a surprise and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the project, the developer has released a new version of his game and presents Fruit Ninja 2. Game that Apple makes a relevant mention in the App Store.

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This popular Australian game launched on the App Store in 2010 and quickly became a global hit.

Now, after more than 1.6 billion downloads, more than 12 billion games, and an impressive average of 400 billion sliced ​​apples, developer Halfbrick is celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary with the worldwide release of Fruit Ninja 2.

Fruit Ninja 2 news
Fruit Ninja 2 comes with incredible news in the game.

A new game with the touch of before

In this new version, players will have a fully updated game without losing the essence of what Fruit Ninja is. According to its developer, the idea of ​​a second installment has been present for a long time and now is the right time to launch it because a balance has been found between the new with the old.

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Among its novelties we find a renewed interface, the original game system is maintained by adding new skills, game modes, customization for the players. There are new characters and swords, missions are played seasonally and you can compete between users.

Fruit ninja 2
New competitive mode between users in Fruit Ninja 2.

Fruit ninja is now available on the App Store, and is fully intended to be positioned within the taste of gamers.

It seems that the classics will be back, as Crash Bandicoot also already has a release date. These kinds of games have competition, as currently other genres are among the taste and favoritism of users, we hope to see how they are received.

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Source : Techradar