‘Fugitives’, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier linked by a chain.

Stanley Kramer directed at 1958 this film that was a great success, both critical and commercial. It is a clear example of the type of denunciation cinema that used to be made in those years, and in this case the subject to be denounced was racism, which is treated in the form of a dramatic thriller.

A truck transporting prisoners has an accident; As a consequence, two of these prisoners, a white man and a colored man, both chained by a chain, escape and undertake a long flight in search of freedom. Soon they will be chased by a group of men, policemen and civilians, hungry for blood, in front of which is a sheriff who believes in justice, and does not want things to get out of hand. Both fugitives will get to know each other little by little while going through many dangers.

The two leading roles are played by two actors who were becoming very famous at that time, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. The truth is that the two are very well, antagonists united by the same fate. Curtis playing a man who dreams of being someone important, and Poitier another, tired and fed up with the racism that his person suffers. Both, totally different, and united by a common interest, will try to survive in an unjust world that is not made for them. The two actors are the best thing about this movie, appearing for almost the entire length of the film, an hour and a half. Here I take the opportunity to say that those were years in which one knew perfectly how to tell a story, no matter how complicated, in a short time; something that nowadays they seem to have no idea what to do, and if not, observe yourself ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, in which they need two and a half hours to tell a nonsense, but I will talk about this in another moment.

‘Fugitives’, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier linked by a chain

The film is directed with a firm hand by Stanley kramerWho can not avoid a slowdown, especially in the first half hour. But he does not beat around the bush or flourish, he goes straight to the point, telling what he has to tell directly, as was the custom in him. His cinema, loaded on many occasions with denunciations, never went unnoticed; I recommend you see ‘The Inheritance of the Wind’, with Spencer Tracy and Gene Kelly, a huge masterpiece.

The story of ‘Fugitives’ It is rather minimal, but with enough detail to be interesting, although it may not go as deep as it should, leaving you feeling a bit empty at the end, despite the great closing sequence. Many minor films of today would like to be like this. In fact, there is a kind of remake of this film entitled ‘Chained Fugitives’, with Laurence fishburne, Stephen Baldwin Y Salma Hayek, and that it’s a hideously useless movie.

‘Fugitives’, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier linked by a chain