future gta.

Future GTA. Within the GTA universe you will be able to find an infinite number of vehicles of many different kinds. From vintage cars to armored tanks. However, there is a very normal car that can give you a lot of play in the most intense pursuits.

In previous articles we have talked about the airline Air Emu or we have focused on the strip club in GTA. However, this time we are going to focus on talking about the Future GTA.

future gta

Future GTA: Complete Guide

What is Futo in GTA

He future it’s a car sports coupe and rear wheel drive. Its main characteristic is that it has great maneuverability and is quite fast.

It appears in:

future gta
  • Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City episodes.
  • Grand Theft Auto V.



  • Has a great maneuverability to take sharp turns, as well as being a car very fast.
  • His design is simple and compactbearing some similarities to Manana from previous versions of the game.
  • You can easily find one at Chica Bay.
  • there is also a modified version called Futo GT.
  • reach a top speed of 198 km/haccelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 15.3 seconds.
  • Have a weight of 1400 kg and an approximate value of $12,000.


  • In this edition, It is the same model in GTA IVbut without its GT variant (although you can modify it to look like it).
  • It has the characteristic of being very manageable, since it has a bGood weight-to-power distribution.
  • He inside of this vehicle is very personalizedsince it has the “FUTO” logo on the speedometer and on the front external grill.
  • It has the old Karin “K” logo on the steering wheel and hood.
  • On one of the upholstery, the original stickers have been removed after this update.

Where to find the Future in GTA V

  • Sometimes you find yourself driving by Rockford Hills.
  • There is a higher chance of it appearing while you are driving a I break.
  • during a mission own the thieves flee from the vehicle. This mission occurs near the Tivoli Cinema.


  • Name “future» is derived from the Japanese word “Dorifuto”which means “Drift”.
  • It is also a reference to Toyota AE86 by Takumi Fujiwara from the manga.
  • Its design is based on a Toyota AE85 Levin Coupe.
  • The future is a Mike Bush creationan American vehicle designer for Rockstar UK and an AE86 enthusiast.
  • The 20-valve 4-cylinder engine is a clear reference to the switch from 16v to 20v 4A-GE that is commonly swapped in the Toyota AE86 for the Japanese market AE101 (Gray Roof) and AE111 (Black Roof).
  • The Future is the only one Karin car with the K logo in the lower left corner of the hood.
  • The covers of the Legendary Driver and the Karin Rally Team they are based on Toyota’s yellow, orange and red racing stickers, commonly used in 1970s and 1980s motor racing.

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