Everyone has heard about the Samsung Galaxy Fold – especially about its most important innovation, i.e. the foldable screen. It’s just that after a lot of problems with the screen, the Korean tech giant withdrew them from pre-sale. Despite this, Samsung did not give up and in September releases a refreshed and improved version, the so-called. Galaxy Fold 2. How will it differ from the original version and what does it promise? And when will it be on sale?

As we wrote earlier, in May, Samsung has withdrawn the aforementioned Galaxy Fold model from pre-sale. The reason for this was cracking displays – despite the protection in the form of foil and frames. Problems with the screen appeared in the testers of the largest portals. As stated by iFixit, Samsung then made some culpable mistakes that caused the display to crack.

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It’s just that Samsung does not give up, he has only been working for the last few months and has already announced the release of an improved model – the so-called. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. As one of the informants, Evan Blass, suggests, Galaxy Fold It will be on sale on September 27.

What has changed and what is left?

Let’s start with what’s left untouched first. It remains almost identical on the outside and the parts inside remain the same. There is more to say about what will be new or what has been changed. As reported by journalists Bloomberg, the screen resolution changes for sure. It is now 6.7 inches and is supposed to be in the form of an “almost regular rectangle”. Which one? It’s neither a square nor a rectangle. In addition, it is supposed to close like a flap in old phones, which can be an interesting concept – only that we have one screen of two sizes, which is easier to implement than 2 screens. In general, it should look like that after opening we get a tablet-sized work surface and after folding we have a slim screen, perfect for a phone.

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Personally, I like this solution, despite the fact that flip phones are a thing of the past. From what you can see on the renders, it is supposed to look very good, even sensational.

In addition, Ultra Thin Glass was applied to it, i.e. the thinnest glass to protect the flexible screen – it is to be only 3% of the thickness of traditional glass used in smartphone screens. There will also be a hole for the selfie camera. For design Galaxy Fold replies Tom Browne.


As you know, the first Galaxy Fold was a ridiculously expensive phone – it cost as much as PLN 10,000 each, which was really a luxury good. It’s strange that there are problems with the screen. Currently, it promises to be a cheaper device, available to more people.

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Galaxy Fold looks like a really interesting device. There is still a folding display, but there is only one that will “slim” the phone – and this is a big plus. Unfortunately, in this model, however, compromises had to be made, for technological and price reasons, but you had to go for it to release the product. Personally, I support the new Galaxy Fold and would love to personally test it.

What do you think about the improved foldable Galaxy?

Source – Spider’s Web, Bloomberg