With its latest Android smartphones, Samsung introduces an updated One UI, which includes small changes for the camera app.

Admittedly, I’m not a Samsung user so I can’t say much about the camera app, but the latest improvements should be well received by the Galaxy community. A new version of the camera app comes with the new One UI 2.5. The latest version of the Samsung software first comes to the markets with new devices, the Galaxy Note 20, Tab S7 and so on.

Among other things, Samsung improves the Pro mode of the camera, which should interest fewer people. The colleagues from Sammobile are sure that two other small improvements will ensure more enjoyment for significantly more users. Ultimately, of course, it is the individual needs and requirements that decide this.

Always start the camera in a different mode

The option with which you can set the camera app to always start in the last used camera mode is integrated again. Certainly practical in everyday life if the user shoots videos more often or maybe even prefers the Pro mode of the camera. This allows you to preset the mode of your choice instead of having to switch to the desired mode every time you start the camera app.

Shooting angle for selfies

For selfies, the camera app now remembers what was set as the viewing angle for the last session. This is about the recording angle, which can be changed on various Samsung smartphones. You can increase the angle for group selfies. But if you always prefer this larger viewing angle for every selfie, it can now be activated almost permanently.

There shouldn’t be any other major or noteworthy changes in the camera app under One UI 2.5, we and our colleagues expect more with One UI 3. The next major update will probably not come until next year with the Galaxy S21.