GAME Federal Association and Newzoo present forecast for 2015.

Sales forecast for 2015: Stable market with a trend towards smartphones and tablets

According to a forecast by the GAME Bundesverband eV in cooperation with the global market research company Newzoo, the German games market will continue to grow in 2015, albeit only moderately. A total market volume of 3.27 billion euros can be expected. However, this only corresponds to market growth of 2.3%. Accordingly, adjusted for inflation, the market tends to stagnate. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the market segments. These hold few surprises and still offer room for further optimism for the growth-spoiled industry.

The market for browser-based casual games (-18.2%, corresponds to -31 million euros to currently only 140 million) continued to decline, as did the market for mobile game consoles, which continues to collapse sharply (-20.4%, previous year: 113 million euros to now 90 million euros). Handheld consoles are falling at about the same percentage rate as tablet-based gaming revenue is growing (+20.1%). Tablet games continue to expand their lead with a market share of 220 million euros compared to classic handheld games with just 90 million euros. The decline in the browser-based games segment is more than compensated for by growth in the mobile games segment (EUR 520 million, growth of 11.4% / EUR 59.3 million). Companies that have recognized this trend should also participate in the market growth of smartphone games. Here we can certainly speak of a change in technology and a market shift that probably cannot be reversed. This is certainly also due to the large range of high-quality titles combined with attractive end customer prices and test options.

The PC market has been supported for years by the robust sales figures of the large MMO titles (stable at EUR 850 million (+0.2%)). This is also shown by the number of USK checks, which has been declining for years, especially for smaller titles, which are now becoming increasingly rare, even in traditional trade. In summary, one can speak of a complex market environment for PC-based gaming platforms. Overall, the figures once again underline the trend towards the mobile games market, especially in the casual games segment.

GAME Federal Association and Newzoo present forecast for 2015

“The figures currently published by GAME and Newzoo represent a trend barometer and show once again, especially in comparison to the previous year, the upheaval in the games market in Germany and also in the world. The challenges for the industry are thus clearly defined. Intelligent and innovative sales concepts will be in demand, especially for the retail trade. There is still potential in the mobile platforms,” says Thorsten Unger, Managing Director of the GAME Bundesverband eV.

The determined figures come from Newzoo’s Global Games Market Premium Report. For this, Newzoo combines a variety of collection methods, including consumer surveys in 26 countries, quarterly reports from listed companies, as well as the analysis of transactions and other third-party investigations. The forecast also includes ongoing market observations and forecasts of macro KPIs such as population growth, Internet access and economic growth for all countries worldwide.

GAME Federal Association and Newzoo present forecast for 2015

For the GAME, the provision of market volume forecasts is an important building block for evaluating the overall market. However, this is not sufficient for evaluating the companies operating in Germany. The share of German companies in the overall market is disproportionately low in an international comparison. The association is therefore calling for German companies to pay more attention to politicians in order to compensate for existing competitive disadvantages in an overall highly attractive market. This includes, for example, the publication of explicit industry publications by the federal government and a funding policy tailored to the needs of the industry.

The GAME Federal Association of the German Games Industry eV publishes current market figures in cooperation with Newzoo and discusses them with the association’s experts in order to provide impetus and information on the further development of the German and international games industry.

GAME Federal Association and Newzoo present forecast for 2015

Source: GAME Federal Association of the German Games Industry eV (PM)