Winter is no longer approaching, but the end. With no more than 15 episodes before the finale, things settled down in Game of Thrones, those who were not so important died and those who should live survived.

Game of Thrones only gets really interesting now

The tenth part of the series’ sixth season was as if the most important moments had been cut from an entire season. The events were constantly spinning, not a single filler scene was included, everything had serious significance. Already the ninth episode sewed up a very prominent and important thread, but the tenth really put an end to everything that had to be finished until now. Everyone can decide which decision they are happy about and which one they are sad about, but we will now look at how the future of the series may develop for the remaining few episodes after the last episode. We continue with spoilers.

Cersei took her place

For the first time, we saw a sequence that was perhaps even tougher than the Red Wedding (you can’t listen to the music enough times). Cersei isn’t known for her subtlety, and now it seems she really doesn’t care. He became a worthy successor to the mad king, just so the circle doesn’t close and Jaime takes care of him too, love and family here or there.

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He decided that instead of being wary of the Tyrells or the priests any longer, he would blow up the entire temple, taking out Margaery, Loras, their father, and Kevan Lannister, and everyone in the area. As an additional loss, he managed to force Tommen to throw himself out of the window, but he probably didn’t count on that, since that was the only way he could sit on the Iron Throne. In the meantime, Qyburn trained the children into professional little assassins, who (in exchange for candy, and perhaps this is the most terrible of all) killed the old dog Pycelle and the Lannister boy Lancel, who was among the priests. And Hegy did something unspeakable to Unella, who, let’s face it, maybe deserved it. King’s Castle is now completely owned by the Lannisters, and the Tyrell grandmother Olenna is organizing with the girls in Dorne. But more on that later.

Deres belongs to the Starks again

This storyline actually ended in the previous episode, when Sansa had a reason to smile again, and the skinned human flags fell from the walls of Deres Castle. With the elimination of Ramsay, the whole world has one less enemy, probably no one in the background will continue the direction represented by him. With some help, Jon and Sansa have retaken the North and gained several new, or rather returning, allies in the process – but there’s Littlefinger, known for his unreliability, who would quite take the Stark girl and has his sights set on the Iron Throne. He can still mess around somehow, and he will if he isn’t stopped soon.

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The most interesting revelation of the episode is related to Jon Havas: it was finally revealed who his parents are. The R + L = J theory has been circulating on the Internet for some time, and now it has been proven to be true: Jon is indeed the child of the Mad King’s son, Rhaegar Targaryen, and Lyanna Stark. So he’s still a Stark, but not in the way we thought, and thus rather a Targaryen, i.e. a rightful claimant to the throne (Robert couldn’t know this either, that’s why Lyanna asked Ned to keep it a secret). It’s another matter that he doesn’t want to rule so much, but if Daenerys (who happens to be his aunt) crosses the sea and the two of them somehow find each other, he can help the mother of dragons achieve her goal.

Back to Jon – if it turns out earlier that he is Rhaegar’s son, it would have been problematic, among other things, because the Targaryen prince already had two children with his wife, Elia Martell of Dorne. The was thus raised as Ned Stark’s son, and at the moment probably only the newly appointed three-eyed raven, Bran, knows who his real parents are. It’s better this way – Little Lady Mormont and the others have proclaimed a Stark descendant King of the North. Anyway, the whole series is moving towards Jon and Daenerys coming out victorious – the title of the book series is A Song of Fire and Ice, and Jon has fire on his father’s side (you know, dragons and all), ice on his mother’s side (north, cold, coming winter, etc. .). It is also worth thinking about.

Game of Thrones only gets really interesting now

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Daenerys boarded a ship

Let’s dissect the thread of the mother of dragons a little more seriously, because luckily it’s worth it. Dany finally boarded a ship and headed for Westeros. He is accompanied on his way by the Dothraki, the Unsullied, and the Greyjoys (Mereen is protected by the Second Sons in the meantime, maybe they can also be deployed if they are really needed), and Varys was hopefully in Dorne to join the Martells and Olenna. They hate the Lannisters, the former for Oberyn’s memorable murder, and the latter for the reasons explained at the beginning of this article. It is in the deck that Varys is a worm, but this is not revealed until later. Tyrion also stands by Daenerys, what’s more, he chose her as the queen’s assistant, and it was also evident that he was quite fed up with his family.

Winter is coming

The battle for the throne has begun in earnest, but one more element may interfere: the Others. The half-turned Benjen vented that the wall was not just stone, but magical power to protect it from the Night King’s army getting through it, but they wouldn’t stomp in front of it until the Westeros families wrote each other out. It’s really interesting why they’re still waiting, and when the time comes, how will they get through, will they be defeated at all – we doubt the latter after the eighth part of the fifth season, but Bran can somehow help, since the Night King can contact him in his visions, he sees five.

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By the way, Arya could cross Walder Frey’s name off her list, Melisandre headed south (if she meets the Stark girl trained as a professional killer, there’s a chance she won’t make it out alive), and Sam started his mastery.

We know for sure that more than 15 episodes of the series will no longer be made, so everything will be revealed within two seasons at the most. The division has not been revealed yet, but we see a high chance of a seven-part seventh and an eight-part eighth season, possibly with a split final part. A lot can still happen, but it will be easier to follow who is on whose side, where they are, who they are helping.

How do you think the series will develop in the future?

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Game of Thrones only gets really interesting now