Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry.

What could be nicer than grabbing a faithful sword and equally faithful guns to deal with demonic forces trying to take over your whereabouts? It turns out not much, especially when you hit a position as good as DmC.

Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry

In the fictional Limbo City, terrorist attacks by a man named Dante take place. Or at least that’s what TV is said by Mundus – a villain who is the embodiment of a modern businessman. Once upon a time, Mundzio felt betrayed when his right hand – the demon Spard – decided to bind himself with the representative of the angelic forces – Ewa. From this relationship, our main hero was born into the world, who is a thorn in the eye and the only real threat to the Demon King. The pugnacious Dante has no choice but to bring order in this and another dimension. Fortunately, he will find support in the form of members of the Order – Kat and Vergil.

Let’s turn back the clocks

J.According to the industry legend, Devil May Cry was actually supposed to be part of the Resident Evil universe. UnitAs the work progressed, it turned out that something completely new and different from Capcom’s flagship child was being born. Now, in order to facilitate the reception of the brand by young and Western players, it has been decided to retell the story of the white-haired nephilim. In this way, DmC fell into the hands of Ninja Theory, studios you know from Kung Fu Chaos, the genius Heavenly Sword or the underrated Enslaved.

Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry

Due to the lack of new ideas, you will have to face Mundus the Demon King again. The novelty is the character of Kat – a girl who can create portals and let the main character go to Limbo. As soon as you see her, the image of Kai from Heavenly Sword will pop into your head – the same innocence and childish naivety, combined with a large dose of charm. The only justification for a “new beginning” I would see in a complete turning the universe upside down – for example, Dante could be turned into a woman who fights an archdemon who turns out to be her father, etc .; However, I would like to see both Mr. D in one game, which is a combination of two parallel dimensions … after all, in games anything is possible. The new robes will not make the same elements into a new king. However, if you deeply respect the above point, feel free to add one point to your final score.

The Devil May Cry universe has been us since 2001. So far, we have had the pleasure of meeting four games, an anime series and comics. We’ve gotten closer to the main character, and it’s no wonder that after the news of Dante’s image change, there was an uproar in the gaming community. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with that, because most of the time I watch the hero from … backwards anyway. The first associations that our nephilim after plastic surgery evoke are Hayden Christensen, which you may remember from the role of Anakin Skywalker in two episodes of Star Wars. Fortunately, Ninja Theory found a place for a small reference to the previous smiley in a humorous way. Don’t worry too much, because the gray hair will be watched on the screen as often as you fill the appropriate indicator with a happy jigsaw and activate the pissed-off demon mode.

Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry

My name is Dante and I’m in a row

As part of making it easier for the mascarons to leave the limb valley, they will be able to use measures that are already very well known to you. You will again grab the sword Rebellion and two guns (Ebony and Ivory – Dante’s greatest loves), but that’s not all. As you go deeper into the plot, the arsenal will gradually grow, and with it there will be new options for purchase, such as power increase, etc. kill enemies. An additional flavor is the camera close-ups on Dante, when he kills the last enemy in a given location. The system of judging how you completed each level is also back. Players who like big challenges will be delighted. Ordinary rangers don’t have to worry, because completing the game doesn’t require monkey dexterity. I am not a master of pressing buttons, and I finished DmC losing my life two or three times on the normal level. So if the hard level is too easy for you, after completing the game for the first time, more and more demanding ones will unlock. A training mode has been prepared to bring newbies closer to the combat mechanisms.

The menagerie of opponents is so varied that there will be no complaints about boredom. They were created according to the principle of “the bigger, the uglier”. It is known that over time the types of enemies will start to repeat, but then the creators will start to increase their number and pair up, so there is something to do. Of course, the most spectacular battles with bosses are the best, they are veeeeery good, but they were a bit short of the lead, represented by the God of War series. However, there is no need to despair, for something continuations have been invented.

Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry

I am not a master of pressing buttons, and I finished DmC losing my life two or three times on the normal level.

The right people were hired to play the heroes of this carousel. The hard work of the actors during the motion capture sessions resulted in great cutscenes. The facial expressions of the characters look natural and perfectly match the lines they say – no artificiality. And Tim Phillips (Dante) perfectly reflected the impulsiveness of the main character and his childish behavior. I also have a reservation about the character of Mundus. While Dante, Vergil and Kat are doing great, he doesn’t get enough screen time. Playing this character, Louis Herthum (The Fog, The Last Exorcism) fits perfectly, but he cannot fully develop his demonic wings and shows only a small part of his abilities. The translation specialists should also be praised, because the cinematic location of DmC is at a high level – including juicy curses and appropriately large subtitles. Finally, I don’t have to bend over from the couch to see something from three meters away from the TV.

Colorful world

The three dimensions in which the player will be located have been visually divided in a very simple way. In the first – the real one – everything is gray and uninteresting. Fortunately, unlike in everyday life, we won’t spend much time in it. The second is Limbo, where we will be shredding our opponents most of the time. And all this in ultra-colored colors that resemble Asian films in their intensity, enriched with filters from the grindhouse cinema. If this were the case for the whole game, perhaps few people would be able to make it to the end credits without a chronic headache. The third dimension is a reflection of the main character’s mind. And here it is most peaceful and … most beautiful. Muted colors, cavernous views and intriguing designs reminded me of some fragments of God of War. In turn, the inscriptions that appear on the walls of the buildings are clearly borrowed from the Fringe or Splinter Cell: Conviction series.

Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry

Graphically, the work of Ninja Theory looks very good. No weaker textures to clog up little traveled angles and stuff like that. In turn, the process of moving to Limbo was done masterfully. The disintegration of the elements and their positioning according to the principle “you don’t know where is up and down” is fantastic. On the other hand, the lighting effects cause sparkles of joy in the player’s eyes. Applause is also due to the creators for the lack of any animation drops, jams and suspensions.

The levels themselves are varied and you will not be bored or have to complain about passing the same rooms again. The only thing I have reservations about is the huge limitation of the location on the basis of “a narrow corridor, then a huge square”, but in the end that’s the charm of this series. It is known at least who the creators of Final Fantasy XIII were modeled on. Rather rock music dominated in previous editions. Here, more electronic sounds were chosen, but they fulfill their task and emphasize the character of the game accordingly. However, do not count on timeless rhythms.

The last cut

From the beginning to the end, a spectacular ride awaits you. However, forget about such an extensive Japanese factor as in the previous editions. Compared to them, DmC is more subdued, so that only the western player does not get lost and does not wonder “what’s going on”. I think this is a big drawback, but in the end it is an idiotic move to say that most players have all the previous editions behind them – even the launch of the HD collection will not change this fact. Therefore, new guests in this demonic universe will find each other very quickly and will stay for a long time.

Game review: DmC: Devil May Cry

In the era of one-night games, the whole adventure will take you a decent amount of time. However, the feeling of disappointment is evoked by the fact that, apart from the fans of twisting the best results, there is unlikely to be anyone who would want to once again jump into the nephilim shoes and restore order in Limbo in a very cinematic style. One-time satisfaction guaranteed.

Of course, as it happens in the industry to rip money off us … it is to provide an additional portion of entertainment, the creators will provide us with appropriate DLC, as well as a comic entitled Devil May Cry – The Vergil Chronicles published by Titan Comics. What about the next installments? I will be surprised if they do not arise, especially given the open end. However, I hope that so far Ninja Theory will give us real pleasure and create Heavenly Sword 2?

The game was made available for review by the VipGamer store from Lublin