Game settings error in split screen mode on PS5: Solutions to solve it

PS5 players have recently been able to experience a game settings error in split screen mode. This is seen particularly often when trying to play a split screen game like Rocket League. This has caused many players discomfort, but there are a few ways to prevent this from happening. Below are some useful solutions.

Restart the PS5 console

The first thing PS5 players should try when experiencing a game setup error in split screen mode is to restart the console. This can help make the settings fit for split screen. To do so, simply do a search for the “restart” icon on the PS5’s home screen.

Sign in / change account

In some cases, it may also help to sign in to a different account. This can help the split screen to be detected correctly. To do so, sign in to the PS5 home page with your online sign-in ID.

useful tricks

For those who have experienced problems with split screen settings, here are some useful tricks that may help:

  • Reset split screen settings: Go to the “Settings” screen on the PS5 and change the split screen setting to “Standard”. Restart the game and change back to the desired settings.
  • Update the game software: If the game software is outdated, it may need to be updated to properly accommodate split screen.
  • Make sure your monitor fits correctly: make sure your monitor is set correctly for the desired resolution and refresh rate.

We hope these tips are useful and help make your gaming experience better. If you’re still having trouble setting up your split screen, a good place to look for help is the PlayStation Support website. When you contact them, you can provide them with specific information about your setup and ask them how they can help.

Game settings error in split screen mode on PS5: solutions to solve it

Learn all the tricks to fix PS5 split screen mode game settings issues!

With the advent of the new Play Station console, gamers have been experiencing problems setting games to split screen mode. If you are having trouble getting the correct orientation of your game, you can use the following tricks to fix game settings error on PS5.

1. Use the buttons on the screen

If you are having trouble setting the game to split screen mode on PS5, you may need to use the buttons on the screen to change the orientation. To do this, press the “Orientation” button located at the top right of the screen and select the orientation mode you want to use.

2. Use the Display Settings Function

You can use the display settings function of the PS5 console to configure the split screen mode correctly. This is an invaluable feature that allows you to adjust your game settings and targeting settings.

3. Use the game’s display settings

Not all games come with the same screen configuration. Some games may have their own display settings that you can use to adjust the orientation. If you’re having trouble setting up a game in split screen mode, try using the game’s screen settings options.

4. Use efficient configuration codes

Setup codes are an efficient way to troubleshoot game setup issues in split screen mode. These codes have been created by experts to help players fix their setup issues.

5. Use Technical Help

If you may still be having trouble setting up your game in split screen mode, then you can get technical help for proper guidance. You can seek help from your gaming service provider or you can even search for online support to easily address your issue.


  • Use the buttons on the screen to change the orientation
  • Use the console’s Display Settings feature to adjust game settings
  • Use the in-game display settings to adjust the orientation
  • Use efficient setup codes to fix your game setup issues
  • Seek technical help for proper guidance


To fix game setup issues in split-screen mode on your PS5, you can use the on-screen buttons to change orientation, use the Display Setup Feature, use in-game display setup options, and use unlock codes. efficient settings. You can also seek technical help for proper guidance.