From May 4th to four weeks on the SamaGame YouTube channel, videographers, comedians, athletes, musicians will come to you as part of the Game Pass Online Festival to make every night special this month!

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, there are plenty of leisure programs this year, including many festivals that will be missed or at least transformed. However, we have no reason to grieve, as plenty of new programs have hit our heads as well, making the minutes spent at home more exciting. The Game Pass Online Festival also serves this purpose, in the framework of which unprecedented entertainment awaits you every night, be it game, music, conversation.

The concept is simple: starting at 7pm every night from May 4th, Kaci and our eternal friend Kiss Imi will be broadcasting a live broadcast on SamaGame’s YouTube channel. That is, not us, but star guests. You’ve seen enough of Kaci to play, and instead, well-known streamers like Sirius, daev, Szalay Isti, Paplovag or just Video Game Zsolti will take a look at the Xbox Game Pass. Next to them, faces like Bazska or Dániel Mogács will appear, but if you’re wondering how Ganxsta Zolee beats Majka in PES, that’s part of the program.

And if we’re already with the musicians, on Fridays with exclusive quarantine concerts we are making live performances by Lotfi Begi, The Biebers, Ivan & The Parazol and Killakikitt. Many of them have never given an online concert before, so this is a very unique initiative, we hope you will love it!

Over the weekend, we switched to a slightly calmer, but by no means boring program: on Saturdays, we summon the Kiss Imi Unlimited series, where we’ll talk to well-known athletes, actors, musicians and stand-ups about the great things in life. And so as not to be left without gaming, on Sundays, Checkpoint podcast creators and returning guests (both mazur and HP) will talk about the present and future of the video game industry.

The show, which you can follow in addition to SamaGame’s YouTube channel on Xbox Hungary’s Facebook page (but it will be more worthwhile than us, as this chat will be watched by streamers) will be hosted by Kaci and Imi.

From May 4th to 31st every night from 7pm Game Pass Online Festival livestreams, with special guests, cool games, percussion concerts and exciting conversations. We’re already very excited, we’re waiting for you with a lot of love, sign up for our channel in the meantime (if you haven’t already done so for something) and ring the bell so you don’t miss a single broadcast!