Games on the Nintendo Switch eShop cannot cost less than $ 1.99, according to the creators of Death Squared

In the Nintendo Switch eShop We can find games with all kinds of prices and from time to time the occasional bargain when there is a batch of sales. What seems to be impossible is for us to see a title that costs less than $ 1.99, being this the minimum price that any product must have of the store.

One of the developers of SMG Studio, the company in charge of Death Squared, has replied to a Reddit message in which it was highlighted that his work cost 99 cents in the digital store, which has led to warn that never again at such a low price due to the new rules that Nintendo has imposed on video game creators.

Naturally this excludes free-to-play titles, while the rest must cost a minimum of $ 1.99, as we have previously indicated. Of course, at the moment it is possible to find several titles for 99 cents both in the American and European digital stores because the developers established these discounts before the rule came into force, as SMG Studios has pointed out.

This is the lowest price you will ever have. The new eShop rules mean that no game can be under $ 1.99 and this one costs 99 cents because I planned the sale in August. Haha, so I beat the system!

According to an article published by Polygon in this regard, one of the reasons why Nintendo has taken this measure is because it intended to prevent titles that cost so relatively little from appearing on the best-seller list. Likewise, the portal has commented that another normal has been established for developers to cannot provide 100% discounts to players who already have a product from their catalog.

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