gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver.

On Thursday we were guests at gamescom 2018 DeepSilverwhich will give us more information Metro Exodus have presented.


The year is 2036. A quarter of a century after the nuclear annihilation of the world, a few thousand survivors cling to existence in the metro tunnels of the ruins of Moscow.
They have held their own against the poisoned environment, battled mutants, survived paranormal horrors and burned in the flames of a civil war.
As Artyom, it’s now up to you to lead a group of Spartan Rangers east through the vast expanses of post-apocalyptic Russia on their quest for safe living space.
Explore the Russian wilderness in non-linear levels and experience the exciting story that spans all seasons, from spring to summer and autumn to nuclear winter.
Inspired by the stories of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus continues the adventures of Artyom in the greatest Metro adventure yet.

gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver


  • Embark on an incredible journey – Aboard the heavily armored Aurora steam locomotive, you and a handful of survivors set out to start a new life.
  • Sandbox Survival – The gripping story combines classic Metro gameplay with gigantic non-linear levels.
  • A Beautiful, Deadly World – Discover post-apocalyptic Russia, its stunning wilderness brought to life with day/night shifts and dynamic weather effects.
  • Deadly Combat and Sneak Skills – Loot loot and customize your arsenal of handcrafted weapons. Face off against mutants and enemy factions in intense tactical combat.
  • Decide the fate of your comrades – Not all of your comrades-in-arms will reach their destination alive. Your decisions have a direct impact on the story and the fate of your companions, which guarantees high replay value.
  • Unprecedented immersion and atmosphere – A flickering candle in the darkness, a rattle under your freezing gas mask, the mutants howling in the night wind – Metro will draw you in like no other game!

Metro Exodus is scheduled for release on February 22, 2019. Metro Exodus is coming to Xbox One, Microsoft’s all-in-one games and entertainment system, the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and PC.

gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver

We were already very excited in advance of what to expect so that we could report exclusively to you.

More news exclusively from our gamescom 2018 event

gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver

During our appointment with the developers at gamescom, we then had time to take a look at the game. You initially had the choice of playing the game with a controller or with a keyboard/mouse combination.

Metro Exodus by 4A Games is a first-person shooter driven by an epic story. Fighting and sneaking passages go hand in hand with survival and horror elements, creating an atmospheric game world that is second to none. The game itself has already convinced us.

gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver

Russia is almost on the ground and presents itself in a post-apocalyptic world. If you take a closer look: moss-covered statues, rust-covered tin dwellings, dead-looking areas in which we can move.

The engine still looks quite respectable, despite a few years on the “hump”, still nice. What we still know from the previous titles like Metro Last Light or Metro 2033, a lively world with streets, vehicles, houses and basically what makes up civilization, you won’t find here. Devastation after nuclear annihilation should be a warning to today’s most powerful countries in the world not to let what we have experienced or the present world from the game become reality.

Our character, protagonist Artjom, has to defend himself not only against human opponents, but also against animals. The world still seems alive in its own way, even if you cross the path of a mutant rabbit, if I may say so.

gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver

The gameplay seems a bit lame at first, but realistic. Knocked-down opponents usually only fall to the ground after two shots, but so do we ourselves and not only have to put our feet up once.

You can orientate yourself using the specifications of the story, a map is also available if you plan to explore everything on your own at random. Since we moved through the world both in the limited amount of time, we quickly realized that you should search for ammunition and kill enemies in order to build them yourself. Whether it’s a building, school or other shelter made of tin, which is empty and invites you to explore every corner, we want to see as much as possible. This makes sense, since you will also come across one or the other side quest that you can do. But here, too, one becomes aware again and again that civilization looks different. Except for animals, which one sees from time to time, also quite in herds. The world seems pretty empty at the beginning and you are alone.

To the point when you meet people who all too quickly turn out to be opponents. The same rules apply as in the Wild West at High Noon: whoever shoots first lives longer.

gamescom 2018 – Metro Exodus by Deep Silver

A net trap, however, becomes our undoing, rather Artjom. So far we have survived a lot and now we are stuck there. You can see bandits approaching, who may have set us this nice surprise in the form of a trap. But they get into a fight and are more than surprised by a mutant bear.

But, we are slowly becoming aware that there is more life in the forest than we thought.

Deep Silver and 4A Games’ Metro Exodus relies heavily on story, but also offers the necessary action for shooter fans. Responsible for the good narration is Dmitry Gluchovsky (author of the book series). Basically, we are very impressed by the post-apocalyptic world, which is just waiting to be discovered and experienced. We can’t wait for the release.