Chieftec, the gold level sponsor of the camp, will make the best performing campers happy with four prizes.

By this time next week, the 2016 SamaGame camp will be in full swing, and what’s more, the first few competitions have already finished. The winners of those can eagerly await the distribution of prizes at the end of the camp, where we will randomly draw who can leave with what. Thanks to Chieftec’s offer, the prizes also include a power supply, two computer cases and a USB 3.0 hard drive case, you can read about them below.

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Chieftec ECO 500W 12cm ATX BOX 85+ Bronze

A good power supply is the basis of every serious PC, as legends tell that in the heroic age “Vargáné és tsa Bt.” how many machines have their power supplies dragged to death with them. This cannot happen with a serious, reliable power supply, and it doesn’t matter how efficient and quiet the device is in our machine. Chieftec’s 500-watt power supply unit is a serious piece, its 85% efficiency is a guarantee that our electricity bill will not be excessively high at the end of the month.

Chieftec Compact ITX case 85W

A true “PC master race” pays attention to the type of housing it packs the components into. The compact mini ITX case of Chieftec can be placed either vertically or horizontally on the table, it will look good, and we don’t even have to break under its weight, since it weighs only one and a half kilos without power supply. Of course, this does not mean that there is no power supply in the machine, they squeezed in space for an 85-watt energy-saving and quiet PSU.

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Chieftec 2.5″ SATA USB 3.0 external case

Many of us use an external hard drive to move our data, and it does not matter at all what kind of protection we provide to the sensitive HDD and the data stored on it. Chieftec’s aluminum housing, which accommodates a 2.5-inch HDD, is equipped with a USB 3.0 connector, through which gigabytes can be copied quite quickly. We also use a similar one in the editorial office, and it has stood the test of time for ten long years, even though there was a case when it hit the ground very badly, but it didn’t even bother him.

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Cougar QBX 8M02 mini ITX Black case

The black housing of the Cougar looks brutally good, which, although not large, is easy to carry and extremely stylish. We can pack almost any serious gamer configuration into it and to cool it, we can sneak up to seven fans into the house. There are few computer cases on the market at the moment that can provide better cooling than this. For serious gamers, one of the most important components is the VGA card, of which a maximum of 35 centimeters can fit in the house. This is more than enough, since the current top card, the GTX 1080, is only 27 centimeters, so there is plenty of room.

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Additional prizes for the camp can be found on the SamaGame camp subpage.

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