The silver sponsor of the camp, Cooler Master, will also surprise the campers with many gifts.

GameStar Camp 2016 – these are the gifts Cooler Master prepares

There are only three more to sleep and the 2016 SamaGame camp in Venice will begin, which promises to be an unforgettable party this year as well. There are piles of gifts in the editorial office, some of which were thrown in by Cooler Master. Let’s see what gifts the smartest campers can expect.

CM Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle

Anyone who has ever used gamer accessories knows that, if possible, it is worth staying within the same brand of peripherals, because then it is certain that the different drivers will not hurt each other. This is where the Devastator package comes into the picture, which includes an ergonomic keyboard that lights up in three colors and a matching mouse with adjustable DPI, so you can have a particularly attractive set on your desk. Three people can take home one of these right away.

CM Storm Resonar in-ear headset

It is not easy for those who want to use their earphones for playing games and listening to music on the street, as they will look at us strangely on the bus with a huge microphone. Resonar is an in-ear (or, if you prefer, in-ear) headset with a particularly attractive design, which is ideal for playing games and listening to music, whether we are at home or somewhere on the road. Thanks to the aluminum housing, it is durable, and thanks to the quality components, it also sounds great.

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CM Storm Ceres-400

If someone wants more serious, noise-canceling headphones, they can also use a Ceres-400, whose large ear cushions guarantee that the bus passing under the window is not heard, but the opponents trampling behind us all the more clearly. In addition to the excellent sound quality, there is also a noise-filtering microphone, so that others will not hear you when life is going on around you.

SF-17 notebook cooler

If you play on a portable computer, you know that a laptop can get really hot after a few hours of playing, so if you don’t want your components to melt in the high heat, it’s worth adding a quality cooler to your set. The SF-17 can handle even huge 19″ notebooks, thanks to its adjustable tilt angle, it provides an ergonomic surface for playing and working, and thanks to the red LED lighting and 4 USB connectors, it makes using the laptop even more comfortable in all conditions.

Additional prizes for the camp can be found on the SamaGame camp subpage.

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