Everyone is excited about something, whether it’s E3, the soccer European Championship, or allergies.

If you think that the closing of the pages is followed by a well-deserved rest, then you are wrong. While Mazurek’s plane is already on its way to Los Angeles, the online detachment of SamaGame is stocking up on inhuman amounts of coffee and energy drinks to beat the 0-24 drive that lasts for days. Only because of you.

Sada – The wind of the EF5 tornado named E3, according to the Fujita scale, has already hit my face and is increasingly threatening to suck me in, so before the inevitable, I will try to spend my last days in the company of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

Paca – My mind is completely focused on E3, I can’t think of much else. There will be thousands of content productions, I’ll still try to make progress with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on Saturday.

TA – In the last few weeks, most of my playing time has been stolen by the monster called Overwatch, but with a little luck this weekend I will finally have time to throw myself into Total War: Warhammer, which has also been sitting on my desk for weeks, and which I have been looking forward to. How wise it is to start a game of this size before E3 is another question, but we’ll skim over that now…

daev – On Saturday, next to packing, you should definitely include some Overwatch, because I won’t have much time for it next week. We’re leaving for E3 on Sunday morning, so we’ll be playing Monopoly on the iPad at the airport.

Nightwolf – No play, no life, there is an allergy period. I’m happy to hear or see something from E3 or the Euro games. Maybe a bit of Red Dead Redemption because there isn’t that much grass…

Cat – The week of the summer LAN party is slowly approaching, which can be spoiled by only one thing: if the guys I beat last year even with my hands tied behind my back insult me. Well, there’s a chance of that, so I’m forced to pick up Dota 2 and CoD 2 slowly, otherwise I’m in for a very unpleasant week.

Tonight – My weekend will be completely consumed by the crazy pace of E3 and the last exam, but if I have time, I will either play Deus Ex, or I will make up for my historical backlogs with the newly acquired System Shock 2.

Something – It will be a family weekend, that is, only Saturday. And on Sunday, packing and preparing for vacation. I won’t have much time to play, but if I do, I’ll play Witcher 3, I just managed to get it now. :S In the meantime, I’m getting ready for Italy.

HP – The remixed version of Dead Island is running as a test on PS4 all weekend, the only one worthy of mention is Dead Island Retro Revenge, which is brilliant fun. Look!

Chicken – I’m preparing for the spin during E3 with relaxing Overwatch games and stocking up on as much cold food as will surely keep me alive for the next few days.

Filthy – The plan was that this weekend I would test Hearts of Iron IV and plow through Red Square with the German tanks, then park my Tiger tank in Time Square. However, a reader asked for help with our April full game, so I installed Kingdom Rush. It’s an amazingly addictive game, it’s been a long time since a game dawned on me. So I grind between the two, but I also try to rest a bit. In the meantime, the summer vacation has also started in the kindergarten, after a day and a half I feel that this summer is going to be very long.

Chava – Now I’m burning with football fever for a month, but between two games I’m happy to take a break in the company of the rejuvenated Sherlock Holmes. I have already closed the first case of The Devil’s Daughter, putting the real culprit behind bars. I look forward to seeing if I can avoid sending innocent people to prison in the future.

What are you playing this weekend?

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