GameStar Movie Review – Circles, Founder and Pressure After!.

What would you rather eat in the cinema? A little horror, a few slaps or some McDonalds product? Our weekly movie recommendation section will help you choose!

One of the most interesting news this week was that Rian Johnson revealed what movies Star Wars: The Last Jedi draws from, but it’s also not sponge that the director of the Mountain Dweller reboot is planning a trilogy, and HBO is making a film about making Godfather. More shooting information has run into us, so we already know that Han Solo’s spin-off work has begun, while the Avatar 2’s cameras will be shooting in the summer and Friday’s 13 rebootes sometime this year.

GameStar Movie Review – Circles, Founder and Pressure After!

Meanwhile, the final preview of Beauty and the Beast, released on March 23, has arrived, showing more than ever from Disney’s live-action fairy tale:

Although there is no live-action Disney tale in the current offer, there is a pair of Samara, Michael Keaton and Bud Spencer-Terence Pill, so let’s see the weekly production:

GameStar Movie Review – Circles, Founder and Pressure After!


Samara, the protagonist of video theaters and the protagonist of the Genoic Demons Head & Shoulders, returns. The legendary video is now spreading on the internet and this time it catches up with a woman who has seven days to prevent the curse from being fulfilled. I wish we could have prevented the Rounds from being completed, as the horror of F. Javier Gutierrez has become a huge disappointment for critics, so you might be better off saving on the ticket price.

(Curiosity: Samara’s makeup took six and a half hours to make.)

GameStar Movie Review – Circles, Founder and Pressure After!

The Founder

Former Batman, Michael Keaton, successfully returned to heavyweight with Birdmann two years ago, and after the details of Spotlight – An Investigation, he plays big again in a biographical film. Keaton puts on the canvas of Ray Kroc, who took control of the McDolnald brothers ’burger in the 1950s, launching a worldwide brand. The founder perfectly shows what the much-glorified American dream really is, and Keaton is licking the role, it might be worth sitting on it.

(Curiosity: After a long and difficult day of filming, Michael Keaton brought two trucks of ice cream to the exhausted staff.)

GameStar Movie Review – Circles, Founder and Pressure After!

Pressure after that! (Go for It)

For the first time in some selected cinemas, the spy comedy of Bud Spencer-Terence Hill can be seen on the big screen with the classic (second in number) Hungarian dubbing. In this, Rosco and Doug, the two reluctant fellow travelers, get mixed up in a big kalamajo when both an international criminal organization and American intelligence believe them to be their best agents, but the two villains, of course, take the hurdles lightly in their peculiar, unshaven style. Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (has one?) Is a must-have for others!

(Curiosity: The gold-colored car is a 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III.)

Weekly DVD and Blu-ray Releases:

– Special children of Miss Peregrine Falcon (DVD, Blu-ray)
– Bridget Jones is expecting a baby (DVD, Blu-ray)
– Overhead (DVD, Blu-ray)
– Nervous system (DVD)
– The Violin Teacher (DVD)

GameStar Movie Review – Circles, Founder and Pressure After!

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