GameStar Movie Review – Travelers and The Red Turtle.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are teasing in space, Studio Ghibli is once again enchanted, and the surfing penguins are back: such is the filming of the second week of 2017.

Hollywood on the move again. Holmes and Watson have expanded with another big name, they’ve arranged a lot of sequels to the DC series, Constantine is back, George Lucas is opening a museum, and Tom Hardy would be a buyer for another Mad Max movie. You might also want to read the report on the dubbing of Puliwood The Unarmed Soldier, and then watch the movie because it got good.

GameStar Movie Review – Travelers and The Red Turtle

Our featured trailer could be nothing more than the first real preview of Verda 3, in which we can finally get an answer to what the next part will be about:

There is no shortage of animated films this week either, in addition to a romantic sci-fi, we can serve two right away:

GameStar Movie Review – Travelers and The Red Turtle


Jennifer Lawrence is already taking to the streets of our capital in connection with her latest film, but before that, she even traveled to outer space on the side of Space Lord, Chris Pratt, in the new film by the director of Code Game. A giant spaceship with thousands of passengers on board is heading to a distant planet, but two travelers wake up 90 years earlier than planned due to the failure of their sleeping chambers, so together they have to solve problems around the luxury vehicle. Critics say Travelers is one of the most expensive romantic movies in the world, so be aware of that.

(Curiosity: This movie shows Jennifer Lawrence’s first sex scene.)

GameStar Movie Review – Travelers and The Red Turtle

The Red Turtle

A man suffers a shipwreck on an uninhabited – or at least looking – island in this unusual Franco-Japanese cartoon. Nice gradually gets to know the wildlife of his “prison” and makes a special friendship with a red turtle. Based on Puliwood’s critique The Red Turtle is simply a must see for everyone, so we encourage you to take a look!

(Curiosity: won a special prize in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes International Film Festival.)

GameStar Movie Review – Travelers and The Red Turtle

Watch out, you’re ready, surf! 2. (Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania)

Who would have thought that a sequel to a moderately successful and popular animated film would be made 10 years later? Now, however, the penguins are once again grabbing a surfboard as the 5 most renowned and wildest athletes in the sport arrive on their island, upsetting the lives of a small team, most notably Cody, who has a lot of courage and aptitude to show. Again. Anyone who loved the first part should pay attention to it.

(Curiosity: If you haven’t seen your predecessor yet, read this article.)

Weekly DVD and Blu-ray Releases:

– Elliott the Dragon (DVD)
– The Friendly Giant (DVD)

GameStar Movie Review – Travelers and The Red Turtle

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