GameStar Movie Trailer – The Mummy and the Moon of Jupiter.

Instead of Brendan Fraser, Tom Cruise is now running in front of the Mummy, while the next promising Hungarian film, a work by Kornél Mundruczó, is also presented in cinemas.

Life took place in Hollywood again, there is something to tell. For example, the filming of The Predator is over; the title of the sequel to the Top Gun turned out; one of Tolkien’s most beautiful stories, Beren and Lúthien, first appeared in a separate volume; From 2018, Suicide Squad 2 can spin; Matthew Perry doesn’t want the Good Friends to reunite; Puliwood was also there at Hans Zimmer’s concert, it’s worth reading their experience report.

GameStar Movie Trailer – The Mummy and the Moon of Jupiter

We can also show something new in the field of previews, as you may not have seen Barry Seal: The first trailer of the supplier (American Made) based on the true story, in which Tom Cruise is a drug courier:

And if you’ve been on a cruise, what a surprise this week is just his new film for the featured piece:

GameStar Movie Trailer – The Mummy and the Moon of Jupiter

The Mummy

Universal cherishes huge universe-building dreams, the first step to which is Tom Cruise’s brand name The Mummy Reboot (though we don’t understand why the 2014 Unknown Dracula isn’t). In this, not only is a new kind of mummy introduced to the audience in the person of Sofia Boutella (Kingsman), but they also introduce Dr. Jekyll, who pops into other films later, in the formation of Russell Crowe. Alex Kurtzman, who had already taken part in the Transformers, Spider-Man and Star Trek franchises, was the director, but now, according to the unanimous opinion of critics, he was very vested and managed to compile the new A mummy from the already repeated boredom templates. , which thus became a soulless visual film.

(Curiosity: Tom Cruise also had a chance to star in The 1999 Mummy, but was eventually chosen by director Stephen Sommers, Brendan Fraser.)

GameStar Movie Trailer – The Mummy and the Moon of Jupiter

Jupiter holds

Kornél Mundruczó’s Gentle Creation – With the Frankenstein Plan and the White God, he has already proven that he knows something, and like his previous works, his latest work, the moon Jupiter, co-created with cameraman Marcell Rév, was adored in Cannes. In the story, Aryan, a young boy, tries to cross the border, but when he has just succeeded, he is shot. Not long after, he realizes that he is able to float, in which a doctor sees a huge deal and in exchange for quasi-exploiting him, evacuating him and offering him a passport. Strong theme, strong visual realization, sit on it with that awareness.

(Interesting: The music for Jupiter’s moon was acquired by Jed Kurzel, who also made the Assassin’s Creed).

GameStar Movie Trailer – The Mummy and the Moon of Jupiter

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