Exercise in the sun pays off. Not only to stay in shape, but because if you also wear one of the new Garmin quantifying watches with solar charging support, you will significantly extend the battery.

In fact, the company even claims that it can take “months without the power outlets” to load them. The new protective glass of several models is also a solar charger which allows to extend the battery life and to benefit even more from these quantization clocks.

Put your watch in the sun

Garmin was already starting to offer this option in one of the models in the Garmin Fenix ​​6 family last year, but now it has brought this option to more and more watches.

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First there is the ambitious phoenix 6s and 6s pro, which now have “Solar” editions and with this lens superimposed on the face of the watch. These models achieve up to 2 extra battery days if we expose them enough to the sun.

These new models now allow surveillance new sports activities such as surfing, indoor climbing or mountain biking.

We have a new acclimatization widget that will allow for example monitor the elevation and compare it to blood oxygen levels, something that can be very useful for climbers when measuring their efforts.

The watch family Garmin Instinct It will also have three models with solar charging support (and with that last name that makes it clear).

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Solar Diag Source: Garmin.

Garmin states that if we activate the battery saving mode, the use of solar charging may we can achieve enormous autonomy although logically the functions we can use will be very limited.

The autonomy is still particularly striking: up to 50 days in clock mode if we take advantage of this solar charge and we are quite outside while we are wearing it.

Finally, there’s the new Tactix Delta, Garmin’s military-certified watches that are specifically designed for this industry. The conventional model could last 21 days in clock mode and about 60 hours in continuous GPS mode. With the solar charging support, we can achieve 24 days of autonomy in watch mode if the watch is exposed to sufficient sunlight.

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Price and availability of new Garmin solar watches

The watches will be available in Spain third quarter of 2020 and they have the following prices:

  • Phoenix 6S PRO Solar: from 749.99 euros
  • Phoenix 6 PRO Solar: from 849.99 euros
  • Tactix Delta Solar: from 1099.99 euros
  • Solar instinct: from 399.99 euros
  • Instinct Solar (Surf / Camo / Tactical Edition): from 449.99 euros

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