The Guard opened the first compartment of its LEGO Star Wars advent calendar yesterday: December is on with spice rains, nausea from the Christmas dinner and the Video Game Awards. The awards take place tonight and Nathan Drake is already wearing his tuxedo: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End received the most nominations this year. More on the VGAs later this morning, there is so much more to talk about!

Gears of War 4 is getting new maps

On December 6 there will be a new update for Gears of War 4 with some fixes in it anyway, but also two new maps. One is called Speyer, in which you are briefly returned to the world before the Locust War broke out. Within that map you will find, among other things, a kind of open courtyards that according to the makers are ideal for long-range fights. The other map, Glory, contains a sort of old fortress with a large arsenal of weapons that seems primarily intended to display military might. Finally, the update makes it possible to play vertical split-screen multiplayer on Windows 10. Don’t have the game yet? Until December 28 you can count on a 33 percent discount in the Microsoft Store under the guise of “Gearsmas”.

It’s Christmas in Street Fighter V.

Not only Gears of War is thinking about Christmas, because the scantily clad ladies and overly muscled gentlemen of Street Fighter V are also starting to get into the Merry Xmas atmosphere. Juri, Zangief, Laura, Rainbow Mika, Ken and Karen have gotten a cozy Christmas outfit to spruce up the new battle arena called Frosty Blvd New York. You can purchase these cuddly Christmas items as a bundle and separately. Hopefully white fur and red boots are your thing. The Guard needs until Christmas to recover from the soundtrack:

Super Mario stamps at the Deutsche Post

We stay in the Christmas spirit for a while, because Mario has also pulled his Santa hat out of the mothballs. The Deutsche Post has issued a sheet of Super Mario stamps to spice up Germany this month. They are Christmas stamps featuring Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad waving enthusiastically with a present in hand. It is a very moving scene at 210 by 148mm. However, the price is somewhat higher than that of our Christmas stamps: 70 cents each.

Sonic has been added to the Build-A-Bear program

There are more heroes from the last century who deal with things completely different than games as Sonic the Hedgehog makes his debut at Build-A-Bear Workshop. If you have no idea what that is, then don’t be ashamed: there hasn’t been a Build-A-Bear in the Netherlands for a while. You can find the shops in, for example, Downtown Disney locations at Disney parks and of course online. It is a retail chain where you can put together your own teddy bear for the main prize, complete with outfits. It all started with a bear, but now they have puppies, deer, Pokémon and My Little Pony. The hedgehog and his friend Tales have now been added, including a gold ring. Would Sonic’s health go well now that he’s getting older? The SEGA figurehead seems to be experiencing some fluid retention in the legs:

Lara Croft GO is coming to PS Vita and PS4

After these strange forays, let’s get back to the real game news. Lara Croft GO appears to be making the transition from mobile to Sony devices. PS Vita and PlayStation 4 trophy lists have been discovered for Square Enix’s puzzle game, so hopefully we’ll hear more about them at PlayStation Experience 2016 starting today. Like Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO is a good puzzle game with a unique visual style that the franchise never saw before. Do you know who can confirm that? Jan Meijroos!

New poster The LEGO Batman Movie

Jan has to stay himself, unless he can be Batman. At least that’s the advice that The LEGO Batman Movie’s new movie poster gives. On the hugely busy movie poster, the entire history of DC Comics’ Batman runs towards you in LEGO form, including Robin who looks extra intelligent thanks to his new frame. In February you can see the end result, because then Fifty Shades Darker, er, The LEGO Batman Movie will be in the cinema.

Import your save game from The Walking Dead

Are you ready for the third season of the immersive Telltale game The Walking Dead, or are you nervously bouncing back and forth in your chair because you fear that you will have a problem with your save game from previous installments? Don’t worry, The Guard is there for you. Telltale has hinted that if you can import your save game. Consider, for example, a save game on a different platform than the console you will be playing with now: according to a tweet from @telltalegames, there will be several options for importing those save games. You probably need your Telltale account, so hopefully you remember your password. December 20 The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.

Trailer of the Guard: Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One DLC

The Guard said yesterday that there will probably not be a new Battlefield in the coming years because DICE is busy with Star Wars. It shows, because Star Wars: Battlefront will soon be provided with DLC with four maps from the movie Rogue One. That spin-off will be in theaters in mid-December and in the Scarif DLC package you can relive one of the big battles from the film from the perspective of lead actress Jyn Erso or the villain Orson Krennic. If you have a season pass, you can do so from December 6. Enjoy it even more as this is the fourth and final expansion for Battlefront, allowing DICE to immerse yourself in the development of a new Star Wars title.

At the last minute back to Telltale. It was revealed at the Video Game Awards that the studio is making a Guardians of the Galaxy game! You can see more news from the Video Game Awards later this morning here on SamaGame! The Guard waves goodbye and speaks the epic words: have a nice day today!