Turn the frenzy of a Gears of War into a game of strategy is to fight your own essence. Swap explosions for grilles, wheels for movement limits and their iconic “eat shit and die“For a hitting stat, it’s the closest thing to a kick. And yet, against what anyone might think, Gears Tactics doesn’t just work, it works too. it smells of gears.

Splash Damage and The Coalition sign a tactical style of combat that never feels so slow or limited. They know fighting with a throw in your hands is another thing and converting isn’t the key. Weaponry of war in a tactical game, but quite the contrary.

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More Gears of War than Tactical Play

The first key to bringing tactical strategy closer to the pace and dynamism of a Weaponry of war It involves manipulating the way your characters move. Fighting intensely with four soldiers in each match, our tour requires this game to think carefully about who moves first and for what purpose, but without waiting for what you’ll be doing in two or three turns from now.

With three moves for each character, sometimes less or even a little more, scour a good part of the map to protect yourself in cover, throw a grenade, and leave the character in a defensive position while waiting for a locust to cross their line. the blow is anything but limited.

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Tackling an enemy troop flanking from all sides and maintaining suppressive fire spawns this festival of bullets where you feel powerful and pushed enough to get mad at any animal standing in front of you. As in a Weaponry of warYou don’t just come to kill Locust, your job is to humiliate them as well.

How do you make a pot-by-the-handle game that is both fun and challenging?

It is precisely for this reason that the game puts everything on your face to keep that maxim, even giving you a few extra steps to get your character to go further when their last position is a cover than when they assume they are. stands in the middle of the calico.

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Yes in Weaponry of war you jump from parapet to parapet, here you must also be able to do that. Even more so when it’s the previous step of blasting a Boomer’s head with a shotgun or opening it with your Lancer’s saw.

Uncontrolled Power is also not used in Gears Tactics.

But how do you make a game where you seemingly have the pan on the handle that’s both fun and challenging? This is where the enemy’s role comes in and, how could it be, the style of approach that he always pursues. At the cry of “For the queen!“, Locusts do not fight one by one, but in horde mode.

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The fact that the games are sometimes considerably lengthened is precisely due to this. There is no rupture, no individualism, even less space to rest. Dozens of enemies are waiting for this wrong move, or that wrong move for a tight stat, to completely change the situation and get on the ropes.

The skills of each class define your strategy.

I lost count how many times have I been believe me invincible to have water around my neck And, if the thing wasn’t twisted enough to assume the level needed to be restarted, flip that over as well to make that situation an Uroboro with a Ticker smile.

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Thus embracing the spiritual gears To promote mobility, cover strategy, enemy pressure and aggressiveness, Gears Tactics creates the perfect breeding ground for the toppings to be the ones that end up praising the recipe.

Among the spices are not only the variety of enemies, classes or weapons, from the medic with Launch Scout with a shotgun, or from Theron who encourages his troops to the sniper who prevents you from moving, but also how individual abilities can define your strategy.


Well armed and better equipped

Almost more than how you move or who you shoot, Gears Tactics It is important to know what ability you are using to take advantage of each point of movement. With a four-branched tree for each class, how you develop your core troops, or the ones you register, very well defines the type of experience you want to have.

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Those who want to focus on buffing friendly units and destabilizing opposing lines can focus on that. Likewise for those who are looking for the spectacular character of impale with the Lancer Retro and face to face or, as was my case, looking for movement bonuses to multiply the number of actions to be carried out in each turn.

Going to all possible skill combinations is like approaching a Bible.

With a sniper, and with similar cases also in other classes, the passive powers and to execute in combat Navigate between things like the last bullet of a magazine, increasing the percentage of critical hits or increasing accuracy from a high area.

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These are charges, less attractive but necessary. The options you unlock between one Essential Skill and another. The others are those who in a boss fight, arguably the most fun and demanding fights, require you to go to the menu, spend a reset point for the skill tree and they invite you to highlight the type of strategy you are going to use.


Going to all the possible combinations gives the Bible, but understanding what it is Gears with skills it’s relatively easy with a good example. Let’s continue with the example of the sniper, a class with three bullets and three bullets in his rifle:

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  • First round: I go to the nearest blanket.
  • Second turn: I take advantage of the elevation to get a shot of maximum precision that shakes the life of the locust.
  • Third and last round: I take advantage of an ability to complete all my turns if I can shoot or kill an enemy.
  • Fourth trimester: I even shot a Ticker near another enemy to shorten their lifespan, but I did this with an ability that marks that if I hit that hit, the magazine will automatically recharge without needing to skip a turn. to recharge.
  • Fifth quarter: I change my position again to get a better angle of the Desert Locust which remains with less life.
  • Sixth trimester: I put the sniper on his toes so that when the cricket moves it automatically shoots the KO.
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Variety is taste

From such an example, it’s easy to get away with the idea of ​​being super cool and, the truth is, if you use grenades successfully, you definitely are. However, we are going back to before. Among all these series of actions, it includes one mistake. Cover you can’t access, a missing bullet, or critical damage that doesn’t appear.


Rest for sale and without charger in a few seconds. Even more so when what follows this turn is a horde of locusts appearing somewhere near the map, ready to put this unit in difficulty and limit your heroism when all of those skills are recharged in two or three turns.

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Gears Tactics is best enjoyed when you dare to modify your own mechanics.

It’s awesome. Really. I had a good time. So much so that it almost hurts how all that effort is left terni for a variety that does not transfer to the objectives you have to complete in the missions. These, divided between primary and secondary, end up clinging excessively to the second to lengthen a campaign that is not too extensive.

With small variations to limit movement, give enemies more precision, or invite you to meet certain requirements to earn more and better rewards, the story features groups of missions that you must complete to continue the plot.

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Missions bland and uninspired that sometimes they even allow themselves the luxury of rehearsing the scenarios you just went through. And therefore, benefit more when Gears Tactics he dares to change his mechanics and include big monsters in battles that require specific strategies, some of these missions are starting to rise.


Equipment, colors and numbers

Going through them usually means that if you hit the side goals or spend some time exploring, you can bring home a new one. Power supply to arrange your gears with better weapons, grenades and armor.

This, which is part of the grace of evolving your characters with their skill sum, becomes a tough drink to get through because of the menus. For archaic, slow and unorderedSpending time deciding which boots to wear your favorite character for the next mission means breaking the constant pace that he’s miraculously hit at the helm.

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Gabe Díaz, the father of Kait and protagonist of Gears Tactics, is the largest number of Gears in the whole family.

A little nuisance that becomes toothache when the characters you’ve armored with the best can’t play a specific mission, forcing you to switch gear from character to character to give that heavy soldier a little atmosphere with Minigun which you should use in the next fight.

To have main characters that are due to a story, how Kate Diaz’s father –the most gears of all diaz– He lived his younger years, the possibility of losing essential characters as happened in XCOM is not an option. By the bounce, your focus on all the high school students you recruit diminishes over the hours, until you have no choice but to start studying who they are and how they can help you.

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The idea was ultimately not holy to my devotion, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the game from start to finish either. Fortunately, the freedom of play when choose partners It was limited to a manager and three rookies at times, which allowed me to focus and focus on some secondaries that saved that sour vote.

VidaExtra’s review

If Marcus and Dom have shown us anything, it’s that a few trips and mistakes never stop a Gears, and Gears Tactics stay true to this dogma. We hope that the level of perfection that it demonstrates when transferring the action of shooters to tactical combat will materialize in other areas as well, but not everything will be scratched at the same level so as not to make it a game less. recommendable. .

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What could have been an isolated spin-off that is out of the ordinary and stays there, for the record, has turned out to be a change that more and more deserves in future episodes. Return that, for the commitment and the pleasure shown by all of us who have vibrated with this saga, we hope to continue to profit in the future.

Gears Tactics has been provided for analysis by Microsoft.

Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics

Platforms PC et Xbox One (2020)
Multiplayer Non
Developer Splash Damage, La Coalition
Company Microsoft
launch 28 avril
Price 69,99 euros

The best

  • A fantastic adaptation of the Gears spirit
  • Frantic and difficult battles
  • Boss fights are a blast
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  • Somewhat repetitive missions
  • Working at the menu level requires a little more care

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