Geek City is 3 days away!.

The time is coming! On August 31, Geek City kicks off its 2018 edition, as the largest pop culture event in the South of the country, with attractions for all audiences, from the children of yesterday (and today), to lovers competition and electronic games, cinema, comics and, also, those who seek to close good deals. National and international entertainment personalities will be at Expo Barigui, with an audience forecast of around 25 thousand people.

One of the highlights is the presence of Carlos Villagrán, Kiko, who chose Curitiba as the only Brazilian city to be part of his farewell tour. On Saturday, September 1, he will hold a panel on his career memories and the great moments of decades of work as the chubby boy. In addition, on the weekend, it will also serve fans in two meetandgreet sessions.

Geek City is 3 days away!

The biggest names in public transport in Brazil will also be at Geek City. In a panel scheduled for Sunday, September 2, the Choque de Cultura cast will take over the main stage of the event to talk about the best vans, the complicated situations in their daily work and traffic solutions, in addition to the worship of Vin Diesel and The Rock. CaitoMainier, Leandro Ramos, Daniel Furlan and Raul Checker will also comment on the phenomenon of humor on the internet and their work as the network’s most beloved characters.

Speaking of phenomena, members of the humor group Porta dos Fundos will also be at the event. In a panel, director Ian SBF and actor Totoro will talk about creating content for YouTube and remember their best pictures, which are virally shared with each release. In fact, influencers will have ample space at the event, with the right to an exclusive lounge promoted by Fanta, where they can rest and exchange ideas, and a guaranteed presence in other areas of the event.

Geek City is 3 days away!

Complete the list of great attractions the panels already confirmed with film producers like Fox, which will talk about the new “O Predador” and will have the presentation of Jovem Nerd and Azaghal; and Downtown Filmes, which will bring to the stage those responsible for the film adaptation of the Brazilian comic “O Doutrinador”, with a trailer, makingof, unpublished revelations and the presence of the author, Luciano Cunha, and the producer Gabriel Wainer.

Geek City is 3 days away!

Children of yesterday, today and forever

One of the attractions most requested by visitors in 2017 already has a stamped passport to Geek City. Guilherme Briggs, one of the greatest voice actors in our country, will be at the event for a panel on Saturday, September 1, where he will comment on the international recognition of Brazilian voice acting and will talk about some of its main characters.

The list is long and full of big names. Han Solo, Mickey Mouse, BuzzLightyear, Optimus Prime, Freakazoid, Mewtwo and Superman are just a few examples of Briggs’ vocal ability who, in addition to speaking on stage, will also find fans for autographs and photos.

Geek City is 3 days away!

Anyone who is an adult today must remember the golden days of TV Cultura, a time that marked Brazilian television. It is precisely on this subject that the channel promotes the panel “Senta que uma uma uma vida com historica”, with a meeting of the actors of classics such as Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum, X-Tudo, Cocoricó and Rá-Tim-Bum, recalling anthological moments and revealing behind-the-scenes curiosities.

He feels that the names are important. Actors Eduardo Silva, Bongô will be present; Rosi Campos, the Witch Morgana; besides Flávio de Souza, interpreter of the scientist Tíbio, one of the creators of Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum and scriptwriter of the programs Mundo da Lua and Rá-Tim-Bum. The panel will also have the presence of Fernando Gomes, responsible for classic characters such as Júlio, from Cocoricó; Xis, from X-Tudo; and Garibaldo, from Vila Sésamo. At Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum, he was also the Painted Cat, the Clock and the Furabolos, one of the stars of Dedolândia.

The taste of the past and nostalgia will also be present in the panel on the backstage of Jaspion and Changeman, with Toshihiko Egashira, who brought the rights to the classic series to Brazil, and Danilo Modolo, responsible for the Tokudoc channel. Meanwhile, at the Galeria dos Artistas by UCI, the stars of illustration and comics will be present, as well as an exhibition in honor of the cartoonist from Paraná, Marcelo Di Chiara, with presence in Marvel and DC magazines, among others.

Geek City is 3 days away!

Fierce competition

E-Sports fans are also guaranteed space at the event. During the three days, Arena Geek City by XLG UOL will feature competitions from the main games of the moment, in addition to challenges with the public, which can put their skills to the test against influencers like Cherrygumms, Rato Borrachudo and Lugin.

Curitiba will be the stage of one of the South American stages of the BattleRite Pro League and also of three matches of the CrossFire Elite League. In addition, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Geek City Challenge will take place, with cash prizes and the best national teams.

Geek City is 3 days away!

Outside of major competitions, local tournaments will bring content creators and visitors face to face in matches from GWENT, Tekken 7 and World ofWarcraft, featuring the recent Battle for Azeroth expansion, as well as current titles such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds, between others.

In addition, on the main stage, Alessandro Sassaroli, game director at YouTube, will give a special workshop to the content creators present, with tips for having a successful channel and answers to the main doubts of those who want to do well with this type of content. .

Microsoft brings to Geek City the main news for the Xbox One, while Sony arrives in Curitiba with the PlayStation Na Estrada project truck. However, anyone who has an eye on the most marketable aspect of the gaming world will also have space.

At Geek City, Alexandre Kikuchi, evangelist for engineUnity, will talk about the work of popularizing one of the main graphics engines for electronic games; while Piter Rodriguez, from Twitter, will comment on the power of the social network in engaging virtual audiences during tournaments.

Geek City is 3 days away!

Innovation and talent

Geek City will not only be the stage for entertainment, but also for the business world. In 2018, Start up LAB will take place again, in partnership with Aldeia Coworking and Vale do Pinhão. In addition to the traditional space for exhibiting services, platforms and disruptive ideas, the top five, in the public’s choice, will have the chance to present themselves to investors and, who knows, leave the event with a closed deal.

“Start ups are extremely technology-based businesses. And when it comes to innovation, an event like Geek City is the center of what is being done again ”, says Ricardo Dória, founder of Aldeia Coworking. “Taking people who are doing business gives them access to content they wouldn’t have elsewhere; on the other hand, the public can check what is being born here ”.

For Bruno Neves, from Seven Entretenimento, which organizes the Geek City, the expectation is to repeat the success of 2017, when some companies left the event already allied with investors. “The partnership with Aldeia Coworking and Vale do Pinhãovolta is even stronger, showing that we really have a concern to move and encourage our ecosystem,” he says.

Geek City is 3 days away!