While the improvements of Fortnite in the new generation are assured, doubts about the future of the title on mobile seem to begin to clear. In Apple devices at least, since we remember that the game was withdrawn from the App Store for violating the rules of use of the store.

Thanks to the BBC, we have learned that the possibility of playing Fortnite on iOS it is more and more real. Nvidia has developed a version of its cloud game service for Safari browser, owned by Apple. In this way, players could access Fortnite while circumventing the App Store.

The truth is that iOS users cannot download video games from stores other than Apple, but nothing prevents the use of third-party services running on web browsers. Access to the version of GeForce Now that allows it to run on iOS is still uncertain, although an announcement is expected to be made in this regard before the winter holidays.

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However, the BBC also points out that Epic’s battle royale is still could be excluded from the list of available games on Apple devices from GeForce Now. Given this information, a spokesman for Nvidia said that “Nvidia does not comment on any new customers entering the service, or on the availability of any game on unannounced or unreleased platforms.

Recall that both Epic Games and Apple are still pending to begin their legal dispute scheduled for May 2021Therefore, the history of disagreements between the two companies has not yet ended.

Source : Gadgetsnow